Bolero: pattern and tips on sewing

Bolero is a universal accessory thatmust be present in the women's wardrobe. It will help transform the bored dress or top, create a new image, cover your open shoulders. Sew it with your own hands is not difficult. Simple bolero patterns are presented in our article. Before sewing, you need to determine the material. Choose depending on what and where you plan to wear bolero. For the evening version, velvet, gypsy, thin suede, satin will suit. Excellent will look trim of lace and organza. For everyday fashion, choose knitwear, cotton, jersey, suit fabrics.

bolero pattern

Pattern for Beginners

Before you the simplest scheme for tailoring bolero. The pattern consists of three parts: a backrest, two halves of the gear. Blue indicates places that are stitched. If desired, you can make a dart on the chest. The edges that are highlighted in green are processed. Bolero is ready! It can be decorated with a brooch, embroidery, applique. If you want the bolero to be connected on your chest, sew a string, a hook or a button.

fur bolero pattern
For the cold season you can sew furbolero. The pattern for it is no different from the one described above. If the new thing is for the street, make long sleeves. To create this accessory is suitable artificial or natural fur. Do not forget to cut the same parts from the lining fabric.

Bolero Patterns

Bolero - pattern with turndown collar

This model creates a business image and is excellentsuitable for work and study. In this case, the product consists of 4 parts (two parts of the backrest, two parts of the transmission). For a good fit in the figure, two darts are made. Then the back parts are connected together, side seams are made. Then process the edges of the product. On the dotted line, press the collar. At the end sew 2 buttons and cut the loops for them. If desired, you can sew on this pattern bolero with sleeves.

Other ideas for bolero: self-patterning

You can make a bolero patternyourself. Take your favorite sweater or jacket, attach to the tracing paper (or newspaper), circle the marker. Then adjust at will the length of the future product, the length of the sleeve, the cutout and the shape of the neck. Show a little imagination, and you will get a few different patterns.

By the way, if you have an unwanted blouse, a jacketor a turtleneck, you can make bolero and without a pattern. Adjust the old thing to the shape, cut off the excess, process the edges. From the remnants of fabric, you can cut strips, make flounces and decorate them with bolero edges.

Another original solution is the bolero from the oldshirts in the youth style. Cut off the sleeves and excess length. Cutting out the details of the transfer, leave the "tails" about 15 cm, which will then be tied to the knot. So the old thing from your wardrobe will get a new life.

Be sure to try to make bolero on your own! The pattern you already have. You can wear this fashion accessory with anything. It can be combined with the color of shoes or trousers, or can be contrast. Experiment and every day be different!

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