Waving pictures of wool - amazing art

Waving pictures of wool getsexceptional popularity among a wide range of people. The living texture of the fibers, the special color and the irreproachability of the works will not leave indifferent the lover of the beautiful. Such works of art can decorate any home, making it more comfortable.

Felting paintings from wool - a process that is laborious, but extremely exciting, very interesting. For today it is possible to distinguish several techniques or methods of making unique pictures:

1. The panel, laid out with the help of unkempt dry wool on a base under the glass. Here the picture will be presented in the form of a multi-layer woolen "pie". Its basis is hardboard. This is not felting the picture of wool, as the process of making such a cloth is completely different. Such a picture needs a rigid frame.
2. Panel made of wool, made in a wet way. It was created with the help of water and soap. Presented in the form of a canvas in which the wool falls off, forming a homogeneous and dense material.
3. A picture created in a mixed way. At the initial stage, color tones are outlined, whereas the next needle draws a plot. Along with this, you can use the ready-made non-woven fabric for subsequent drawing with a needle.
master class of paintings of wool

We describe the master class. Paintings made of wool will grow in a certain way - wet. In this case we will use: wool intended for felting, soap - liquid or in the form of a bar, yarn of wool, a small bath for warm water, a mosquito net and a mat of bamboo.

We decompose the bamboo mat and proceed to laying: pull out woolen fibers and transfer them to a bamboo mat in a vertical direction, according to the plot. We will cover the mosquito net with wool, then we will moisten the surface of the panel with warm soapy water. For better impregnation with water, lightly press down the wool. Carefully remove the mesh. Next, add the rest of the picture, if required: stems of flowers, leaves, etc. Once again, cover the mesh panel. Felting the paintings of wool in a wet way implies the use of soap, which you need to gently rub the whole picture. Further, with gentle movements around, we start to massage the product surface a little. After 10 minutes, the fibers begin to join together. When the wool falls into the whole canvas, remove the mesh and turn off the panel (with a bamboo mat). Tightly twist and turn in a vertical position to separate excess water. Transfer the roll to the work surface and roll again (30-40 times).

Felting a picture of wool
Immediately after this, roll out the roll andturn it around, turn it around again and roll it again. Then again unfold, turn the panel 90 degrees and again roll about 40 times until the desired shape. In the future, you need to rinse the panel and place on a terry towel so that it absorbs the liquid. And, finally, leave the picture for complete drying, and this will take 12-24 hours. Our felt panel is ready! Did you like the painting of wool?

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