How to tie a crochet vest: diagrams and description

A vest can be called one of the most popularkinds of clothes. It is worn to keep warm, or for beauty, it can be made in a strict office style or include crazy bright patterns and ornaments. Knowing the general patterns of knitting clothes is necessary to get a really good quality crochet vest. Schemes and descriptions are also needed, but not necessary, since this product can be linked even with a minimum of information.

crochet crochet scheme and description

Types of vests and their features

An obvious common feature that unites all kinds ofvests, is the lack of sleeves. However, today the variety of models of clothes and their variations is so great that sometimes the edges are erased. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish a waistcoat from a cardigan, tunic and other items.

As a rule, a crochet vest (diagrams and descriptionknitting can be taken from different sources) put on top of some other clothes. For example, on a blouse, dress, sarafan or tunic. In the classical version, it reaches the waist line, but it can be a little longer.

Vests are continuous (without fasteners) and with two shelves. The latter are often left without buttons, locks or belts. They are worn open, so that the shelves act as drapes.

The most simple crochet crochet: charts and description

There is nothing simpler than a product consisting of two rectangular parts. This method can be made as a warm vest from woolen or angor yarn, and openwork summer product.

In any case, you must remove the necessarymeasure, make up a pattern, and also tie and measure the control sample. These measures will make it possible to get the crocheted waistcoat corresponding to the planned sizes. The diagrams and description of the simplest patterns suitable for knitting such objects are presented below.

crocheted crochet vest

This ornament is extremely simple in execution, itallows you to ensure a rapid increase in the canvas and see the result of their work. In addition, with its use, neck and armhole loosening will not be difficult. In fact, the waistcoat can be made up of two rectangles, but having an armhole and a neckline will make it more comfortable to wear. And this scheme depicts a pattern with longitudinal strips.

open-work vest pattern
It is perfect for those who want to visually lengthen the silhouette and give it slenderness.

When the rectangles are ready, they should be sewn along the sides and on the shoulders, and also the binding of all open edges.

Waistcoat with shelves

The next model is a little more difficult to make. It provides for the presence of two transmission parts. To make the right pattern, it is better to look for information in any available sources: traditional periodicals, magazines, books, Internet pages. It is necessary that the fishnet vest crochet (schemes can be any) had a proper cut and was functional. Otherwise spent time, material and effort will not bring any pleasure.

vest pattern

These vests can also consist of partssquare form or have a neckline and armhole. A crochet jacket (for beginners it's better to choose a pattern) is often knit from several patterns. For example, as in the next photo.

Crochet vest for beginners

Here the bottom is connected by an openwork pattern, and the top parts are relatively simple ornament. For this model, you can use the following pattern.

 vest female crochet pattern

Its peculiarity is that all the flowers are knittedparallel with the net without breaking the thread. The first row forms the lower edge of the petals, and the second - the upper. The petals themselves are formed by lush columns. If desired, they can be made more voluminous, adding the number of columns.

How to calculate straps for buttons

If the waistbase should be provided with strapsfor buttons, their width must be taken into account when calculating the transmission details. The best method of making the strips remains imposing them on the finished cloth. However, often the skilled workers prefer to sew a separate strap to the shelves.

Buttonholes must be made during the knitting process. The distance between them is calculated as follows:

  • Divide the length of the strap by the number of buttons.
  • The resulting size in centimeters (A) will be the distance between the two nearest buttons.
  • The first loop should be made at a distance from the edge, which is equal to A / 2. The same distance should be from the last loop to the end of the bar.

As a result, you get five full gaps (A) and two halves (A / 2).

Complex vests

This kind of vests are knitted by skilled workers with experience, since there are no unambiguous recommendations here.

short vest crochet

Observe only the general rules for constructing patterns. The photo shows a female crochet vest. The details of the gears and the backrests are attached.

vest back

A fragment that serves as the basis for knitting the shelves.

knitting pattern

Such products can be assembled from fragments, made in the technique of lace or Irish lace, be warm or decorative.

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