Creativity from nothing: a vase of plastic bottles with your own hands, as well as other handicrafts

Have you ever had such that on another daybirth there is nowhere to put the flowers given, because just do not have enough vases? And every time you think about that it would not hurt to buy a couple more. Or ask your guests to give you a vase for the next holiday. But did you know that it can be replaced by a beautiful vase made of plastic bottles made with your own hands? And it will be no worse than the purchase! How to do it - read in the article!

a vase of plastic bottles with their own hands
Creativity from nothing: a vase of plastic bottles

It's always nice to do something with your own hands: pleasure brings both the process and the result. And if you take as material what was considered an unnecessary trash and was to be destroyed, take into account the low cost of finished products, it becomes doubly pleasant. So, how is a vase made of plastic bottles made by oneself? Take a plastic bottle (preferably a cylindrical shape, any volume), scissors, glass balls or sea stones (for decoration).

Cut the bottle so that its lower partwas about 15 centimeters. We will use it as a basis. Over the entire upper circumference, measure the same thin strips and make incisions. Unbend all the resulting strips so that the entire length turned out to be an even edge. Now start to weave the strips between each other. To do this, you need to fold the edge of one strip, put it on the next one and hold it under the next two. The second strip bend the same way, but you need to weave it with two adjacent ones and hold it under one (third). The third strip is bent similarly to the first, the fourth to the second, and so on. The last three strips are bent under each other. Congratulations, the vase made of plastic bottles with your own hands is made!

Creativity from nothing: plastic Christmas tree

Christmas tree of plastic bottles with your own hands

Most recently, a couple of years ago, on New Year's Eve, inone of the cities of Lithuania, residents admired the amazing structure in the center of the city. As the main New Year's attribute on the square was installed a Christmas tree made of plastic bottles! With her hands she was made to save the life of a green beauty in the forest. It took about 40,000 plastic bottles to make it! And we'll take just a few and make a good desktop option. It is better to use green bottles, then they do not have to be painted. It is necessary to cut off the top of the bottle about 10 cm high. Make from this part something like a flower and put the workpiece one by one on the base (you can use a simple wooden stick) or glue them together. We decorate at own discretion - and the Christmas tree is ready!

Plastic garden decorations

Do not rush to get rid of plastic containers ifalready a tree, and a vase of plastic bottles made by themselves, and the "material" remained. It can be sent to the dacha as a capacity for everything-just-everything. First of all, for seedlings - it's not a secret for gardeners. But the design of the garden of plastic bottles can be much more diverse! About that of this material, you can make a convenient mobile washbasin (from a container with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters) or a shower (a bottle of 5-6 liters), we will not speak, it is already well known to everyone. And did you know that such bottles can turn into a flower bed, a broom, a bag, slippers and even dumbbells!

a bag of plastic bottles with your own hands

A practical and necessary thing in the country is a broom. In order to make it, you need to take a few small plastic bottles, cut them into strips and attach them to the wooden handle - they are ready to clean the area!

Bags of plastic bottles with their own handsit will not be difficult to make. It is only necessary to take two bottoms of identical bottles, sew a zipper to them, and all - the original bag is ready! It is useful for storing money or any other small things.

And do not walk after rain after ... plastic slippers? This is a quick solution for those whose shoes have not dried out yet. Taking a pair of identical bottles (if you make slippers for children - 0.5 liters, for adults - 1.5-2 liters), cutting off the bottom and half the middle of the bottle, you can get wonderful summer slippers.

Sportsmen can also get plastic bottlescome in handy. With their help you can improve your body. How? Manufactured from them dumbbells. For this it is necessary to take four identical bottles, cut off each neck and bottom, connect them back with an insulating tape (already without the middle part). Blanks can be filled with sand or any grains. Connect them in pairs with lids, additionally fixing the tape - and go ahead, train!

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