How to make roman blinds yourself: tips and tricks

Roman curtains in our time have won a specialpopularity. They have an original appearance and do not require special care. Curtains of this type are customary to decorate different rooms, but more appropriately they will look in the kitchen. Thanks to a special cut and design, they perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen.

how to make Roman curtains with your own hands
Before you make Roman curtains yourhands, you should prepare everything you need. For sewing, you can use both thin and dense fabric. But the latter will be somewhat easier to work with. Material with a very large pattern is not suitable, in the process of sewing it is deformed, and the overall appearance is lost. But any striped fabric will be perfect. When folded, the curtains form soft folds, and the bands converge into a flat pattern. Particular attention should be paid to the width of the product, it should not exceed 220 cm. If it is larger than this value, the inner rods will bend.

This option for decorating windows can bemeet quite often. The curtain does not require a lot of fabric for sewing, with the right color scheme it looks great in any interior. That's why many are wondering about how to make Roman curtains with their own hands. It is very simple, it is important to know only a few nuances. For example, how to fix the cord for adjustment, or how to distribute the folds so that they look as beautiful as possible.

sew the curtains with your own hands
Wishing to make curtains with their own hands,A master class with simple tips will help to do this without much effort. First you need to choose a fabric. It should be rigid enough to keep the desired shape. Drawing and coloring should be selected depending on the color scheme of the individual room. Do not forget that the strip can emphasize uneven seams, and the material in the cage will successfully hide the small flaws in the tailoring.

Before you make Roman curtains yourhands, it is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of matter. This depends on the size of the window opening, taking into account the allowances for seams. Usually they are on each side from 2 to 5 cm separately, you need to think about how the future curtain will be fastened. Today you can find on sale cornices, designed specifically for this type of curtains.

In addition to the main material, thinrods of wood, metal. Thanks to them, the product will keep the correct shape at the top and bottom, and also form beautiful folds. To close and open the curtain you need a quality cord and rings 1-1.5 cm in diameter. To fix the shape of the product, you need a weighting agent.

After all the necessary things have been purchased,you can go on to the question of how to make Roman curtains with your own hands. To open the material you need a pattern. Sew the curtains with your own hands can be on the lining, it is sewn right away, gently bending the slices. Then mark the folds for the rods from the wrong side. Lock them and stitch them. Between the folds should be a distance of not more than 30 cm.

curtains with his hands master class

The finished product is sewn on the rings: three for each crease - in the beginning, in the end and in the middle. The cord is cut into three parts, and each stretches into its own row of rings. One end of the cord is attached at the bottom, stretches through the rings upward and is led out through one upper ring. Tails need to be tied together. On this triple cord is attached weighting so that the curtain does not fall down on its own.

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