A fascinating hobby: felting out of wool for beginners, master class

In this article we will talk about such an excitingoccupation, as felting out of wool. For beginners, the master class will be presented in pictures, to facilitate the perception. We have to do a little mouse. Many craftsmen have developed this hobby into a profession that brings them income.

To begin with, a small digression. Felting is dry and wet, some masters combine these techniques. In this lesson we will consider the basics of dry felting.

felting out of wool for beginners master class

What you need to work:

  1. Wool for felting. Color should be thought in advance (in our case will be gray). Try to find the yarn is not very rough. The thinner, the more pleasant it will be for you to work.
  2. Special needles for felting.
  3. Sponge, on which you will be felling. It is mandatory, in the hands of the weight you do not.
  4. For the decor will need beads and pieces of felt for the ears. But this is not necessary, ears can also be pinched out of wool.

felting out of wool courses

You can ease your life and buy a ready set for felting out of wool. But not always they can be found on sale.

And a couple of words about felting needles. They are of different cross-section and with different notches, also differ in thickness. Do not buy many needles at once. First, buy 2-3, for example, 32, 36 and 40. When you understand how they work, you will know what exactly will suit you for work and what does not.

So, felting out of wool for beginners: a master class.

Step 1. Fold the mouse body

Tear off a piece of wool and roll a ball of it,mute more than your character will be. Put on a sponge and gently start piercing the hair with needles. First take the needle thick and as the work progresses, change to thinner ones. Pricking the tangle, you form the body of the mouse, making a shape.

felting set
felting out of wool for beginners master class

Step 2. Spout

In order to make a spout, you need to take some white wool and seal it on the muzzle. If there is no wool, then the spout can be made from a bead or embroider with ordinary threads.

felting out of wool courses

Step 3. Eyes

You will make eyeballs for your mouse on thisthe same principle as the spout. When you start to play bigger items, your eyes and noses can be bought in specialized stores. These are finished plastic products that will give your toys originality.

felting wool

Step 4. The Tail

The tail for the mouse can be made from ordinary yarn. Put a piece of thread into a regular needle and sew to the toy. Wherever a bundle is visible, seal a small piece of gray wool. This method can mask all the "unfortunate" places in the works.

felting wool

In the photo, which are presented in the article, you see the felting of wool for beginners. The master class is simple, you need a little perseverance and patience.

Step 5. Make the ears

Ears for our character can be cut out of felt and sewed to a calf, or you can also pile out of wool. To do this, make a kind of little pancakes and weld them to the base.

felting wool

That's all, your first toy is ready. Ancient art has many subtleties and nuances. All this comes with experience. This is such a difficult task - felting out of wool. Courses can significantly speed up the learning process of various felting techniques. But not every teacher will share his secrets.


This lesson gave an idea of ​​what felting is made of wool for beginners. The master class was supposed to help you with this. Train, and you will succeed!

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