Flowers from money - bright and original!

Often we wonder what to give to loved oneson this or that holiday. After all, you want to not just make a gift, but to present a thing that will be original and unique. Today, gifts made with their own hands, a sort of hand made, were especially appreciated. They not only look original, but also leave an unforgettable impression of pleasant impressions of the congratulated person.

flowers from money

Money as a gift - a win-winoption. For many holidays we give postcards and envelopes with bills. But what if you approach the design of a presentation with imagination and put a little piece of yourself? Make money from money with your own hands will not be difficult, and the originality of the gift will beat all the records. Together with the desired gift you will present a bunch of positive emotions and cause delight at the originator of the celebration.

To whom to present?

Such a sweet and extravagant surprise can bepresent to anyone, and hardly anyone will remain indifferent. Giving flowers from money to a woman, you kill two birds with one stone at a time, simultaneously presenting both a bouquet of flowers and a basic gift. Handing out to a respectable man a money tree, you express your congratulations and best wishes.

flowers from money by own hands

Technique of execution

Consider in more detail how to make a flower frommoney. First, let's define the material. As you know, money is different in its color scheme. Therefore, the color of your flower will depend on the merit of the bill. For a beautiful appearance, you will need a satin ribbon, a wire to create a flower stem and a green material to give the stem a natural color.

Flowers from money in the form of roses are the easiest to make. To form a rose, you need about three bills.

1. Take the first bill, pinch it in the center, so that two petals turn out. Secure with a thin wire.
2. The same work is done with the rest. The petals are folded one into the other.
3. Then the wire coming from the three bills is twisted forming a stem.
4. And the most interesting is the final design of the flower. Wrap the stem from the wire with green material and tie a beautiful ribbon.

It should be taken into account that the composition "flowers frommoney "will be dismantled sooner or later.The money will go to its direct destination.Therefore, when creating an original gift, you need to be extremely careful and not to damage bills.

how to make a flower out of money

Bright and interesting!

Flowers from money - a universal gift. You can present them to almost any celebration. Jubilee, birthday, March 8, wedding or other significant event - such a gift will always be appropriate. Even modern brides are in great demand for such bouquets, and this is not surprising. After all, these flowers are always diverse. A simple single rose, several flowers or a huge composition - it's always bright and interesting! In the community, originality was always appreciated. Sugary and usual sooner or later bothers, but something extraordinary brings a lot of positive emotions into our lives. Fantasy has no limits, so create and surprise your friends and relatives, and you will always be at the center of everyone's attention!

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