Decor of the mug with polymer clay. Master Class

Polymer clay was invented relatively recently. Masters know about such material for no more than half a century. To date, sculpting from it - a very popular hobby for lovers and a professional lesson for experienced designers.

mug with a polymer clay decoration

To buy polymer clay a couple of years agowas very problematic. Residents of various cities of Russia ordered it from the capital or from other countries. Now such plasticity is offered practically by all art salons or shops for needlework, where it lies next to yarn for knitting, usual for us colors and floss. From this amazing material you can make many interesting crafts. This is not only souvenirs, but also a huge number of other things that will decorate our lives. You can also decorate the mug with polymer clay, the master class of which is described in this article.

Principle of operation

Today, polymer clay is one of the mostcommon materials used for needlework. Masters are attracted by its elasticity and nontoxicity. In addition, the crafts obtained from such material look fantastic.

You decided to decorate the mugs of polymerclay with their own hands? Then you should learn how to work with this material. Half the success of your event will depend on the correct choice of polymer. It should be borne in mind that for the decor of mugs and other utensils, one can apply conventional self-hardening clay. However, this material freezes in air after a certain time, which is not enough for beginners, in order to give the product the necessary shape.

ekor mugs of polymer clay own hands

What is the best buy, in order to make the decor of the mug with polymer clay? The material can be any variety. The main thing is to study the instruction and learn the rules of handling it.

Stamps of polymer clay

Today, art salons and shopsNeedlework offers its customers many varieties of material. Which one to buy in order to decorate the mug with polymer clay? Consider the brands of this material in more detail:

  1. Domestic producer offers St. Petersburgplastic called "Flower". This is the cheapest option, but working with it is somewhat difficult. The products of the brand "Tsvetik" are quite solid and branded. However, a person who has patience and skill can make beautiful things from them.
  2. In order to carry out the decor of the polymer mugclay, you can buy the material of the German manufacturer "Cernit" (Cernit). For someone, it may seem, on the contrary, too soft in the work. However, many masters are attracted by the quality and color spectrum of this plastic.
  3. The most popular in our countrythe FIMO brand is used. It is produced by the German company Eberhard Fabe. There are several varieties of this polymer. So, "Fimo Classic" is more solid. The brand "Fimo Soft" is soft and easily kneading. Both types of material are available in a wide range of colors. The manufacturer offers a polymer clay with sparkles, transparent, and also luminous in the ultraviolet. All these types are perfect for those who decided to decorate the mug with polymer clay.
  4. Some masters use material,brought from America. This polymer clay of two brands - "Kato" and "Skalpy". In Russian stores it is not offered, but those who could buy it, you must be ready for a sufficiently strong smell of the material, similar to the smell of Soviet gouache. By its other qualities, this polymer is similar to other brands.
  5. A whole line of polymer is offered by the firm "Poliform Products". But this material is chosen, as a rule, by sculptors.

In addition to the firm all of the above companiesproduce plastic liquid, which is a gel. This is a viscous transparent material that solidifies after the temperature treatment. The decor of mugs and spoons with polymer clay can be made with a gel, the possibilities of which are also unlimited.

decor mugs polymer clay how to make
Before you buy this amazing material,you should choose a product that will be decorated. Based on its color, it will be necessary to determine the tone of the plastic. Let there be two or three for the beginning. Among them there should be a bar of white color, which can be diluted with more saturated colors.


If you are decorating a polymer mugclay, how to make the finished thing the most attractive? To do this, it should be varnished. This will give the cup a gloss and a great expressiveness of the flowers. In addition, lacquer is needed to strengthen the strength of the thing. In addition, he fixes on it a toning paint.

What are the varnishes for plastic clay?The manufacturer offers a matte, semi-matt and glossy coating material. Such varnishes are sold in construction shops. What can I do to make the mug with a polymer clay decor look the most attractive? Experienced masters advise to purchase acrylic water-soluble varnishes that have a polyurethane base. Such material is practically devoid of smell, quickly dries and easily washed off with a brush. Within a day, a mug with a polymer clay décor, covered with such a varnish, will become resistant to mechanical damage and to moisture.

Those who are engaged in such work for the first time,it is worth remembering that before applying the varnish surface should be washed with a dishwashing detergent or degreased with alcohol, and the process of coating is best done with a synthetic brush.

Working surface

How to prepare for modeling of polymer clay?To work with this material you need the most smooth surface. It can be glass or ceramic tiles, as well as a simple sheet of white paper. The main condition for such a surface is the absence of pores into which plastic can be eaten.


A block of polymer clay should be cut into pieces of the required size. To do this, the master who performs the decor of the mug with polymer clay (see photo below) will need knives.

decor of mug with polymer clay

They should be sharp enough. This will not deform the product during cutting. A simple office knife or blade can be used to perform the mug decor.

Skins and stacks

These tools do not need to be purchased in art salons. Stacks when working with plastic can be knitting needles or toothpicks.

In order to roll out the plastic, manylovers take a glass bottle. Suitable for these purposes and other improvised material, which can be, for example, a bottle of hairspray or deodorant.


After the thermal treatment of the polymer clay onit can remain fingerprints of the master. In order for the product to be neat and do not spend too much time polishing it, you need to wear latex gloves. You can buy them in any pharmacy. Sometimes they are not very convenient when modeling, but they repeatedly improve the quality of the work done.

Gloves should be selected according to the size of the hand. After all, the denser the latex is attached to the fingers, the more convenient it is for the master to decorate the mug.


What other materials will be needed to accomplish the intended work? In general, in order to make a thing of thermoplastic, you can use:

  • Special forms (boats), with which the figures are easily cut out;
  • Special syringe (extruder), equipped with various nozzles;
  • paste-machine;
  • texture sheets;
  • powder, etc.

decor mugs polymer clay girls master class

However, all this can be bought, after you understand that sculpting products made of polymer clay is your vocation.

What you need a beginner

As a rule, decorate the mug with a polymer clay girl. The master class for conducting such work begins with an explanation of what newcomers in this matter should prepare:

  • the mug itself;
  • nail polish remover or wiper;
  • polymeric baked clay;
  • a wooden skewer or toothpick;
  • clean wet rag;
  • adhesive epoxy-angel;
  • stationery knife;
  • varnish for plastic clay.

Preparatory stage

So, you decided to decorate the mug with polymer clay. How to do it yourself? First you need to take some boring mug, which should be bright and original.

decor mugs polymer clay mc

It should be laid on the surface in such a way as to work as conveniently as possible. For this, a baby blanket can be used, for example.

Beginning of work

If your idea is the decor of a polymer mugclay, how to do this work? For starters, cut the piece of plastic that is needed to size. Then it should be well stretched. Only in this case the clay will become soft and plastic. To improve the working properties of the material, a special tool can be used. It is called a plasticizer. Experienced needlewomen are advised to purchase Moldmaker products. A few peas of this remedy are enough to soften a whole pack of clay. Alternative materials can serve as petroleum jelly or creams. Suitable for softening and warming up procedure.

It happens that clay, especially fresh, very muchstick to your hands. In such cases, experienced craftsmen mix it with a harder brand or leave it on a piece of paper for several hours. However, it should be borne in mind that the material in which the paint has already fallen, all the above manipulations will not help.

It is very important that no air bubbles remain in the clay. In the future it will ruin your product. When heated, the air will expand, which will prick the plastic.

After this, you should take a cotton swab and, moistening it in the liquid to remove the varnish or in the wiper, wipe the surface of the mug. After that, we make an applique on it.


Mug with application of polymer clay is notmust be afraid of water, fade and lose with time its original appearance. To preserve all these qualities, the product must undergo thermal treatment. Which device is suitable for this? For baking polymer clay using a gas or electric oven, as well as an electric mini-oven. Microwave for this purpose will not work. The hardening of polymer clay occurs only when exposed to high temperatures. The principle of heating food in a microwave oven is to create waves. However, exceptions to the rules are possible here. Some models of modern microwave ovens are equipped with a function that allows you to set the desired baking temperature. If such an opportunity exists, then clay can be placed in this household appliance.

What else should I consider when decorating is done?circles of polymer clay? MK (master class) assumes precise tracking of the temperature indicated on the clay pack. Its excess will result in the material starting to burn and emit toxic substances. Typically, this temperature is between 110 and 130 degrees. That's why the master will be very comfortable if the oven he uses has a built-in thermometer. The clay is not baked for long. The duration of solidification applied to the mug application - ten minutes.

End of the process

After heat treatment, the mug should be removed fromoven. From it you need to carefully separate the baked applique. Next, we need epoxy adhesive. It is made independently, adhering to all the requirements of the instruction. A thin layer of glue should be applied to the back side of the completed application, as well as a mug, which is again wiped off with a nail polish remover or wiper. After that, the appliqué tightly presses against the mug and then keeps very well on it.

decor of mugs and spoons with polymer clay

The next stage of work will require a matte or glossy varnish. They cover the ready-made applique. The varnish will protect the surface of the product from damage.

How does the application work? The cup so produced can be washed safely. But do not put it in the dishwasher or apply to the décor abrasive.

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