How to earn on classes in "Classmates"? Find out all the nuances!

With the invention of social networks, life in many waysbecame easier. Now you can easily find lost friends, follow the lives of your friends and keep in touch with distant relatives or friends on the Internet. However, with the help of social networks, you can not only have fun and interesting time, but also earn money. For example, in this article you will learn how to earn on classes in "Classmates".

Why "Odnoklassniki"?

how to earn on classes in classmates
Everyone knows that unlike the social network"VKontakte" here the audience is more adult, since the site is much less popular with young people. This will only play into the hands if there is a desire to earn money in "Classmates" in classes. The average age of the site's audience is 25-50 years. These are basically solvent people, so the chances of earning sharply increase.

Basic concepts

Given the appropriate age of users andthe desire to receive money, the question arises: "How to earn on classes in" Classmates "?" First you need to understand some concepts. Class in "Classmates" is a kind of approval, like "I like" VKontakte or "thumbs up" on YouTube video sharing. In this social network often there are inscriptions in the style of "click on the class if you liked it." Thus, the material being evaluated is advancing, gaining popularity due to the increase in the rating, and with him the one who posted it on the site is also being promoted.

Local "money" in "Classmates"

earn in classmates on classes
The internal currency in the Odnoklassniki network isOK and. If you earn OKI in classmates for free, it will be possible to evaluate photos, hide your online mode from unwanted friends, give virtual gifts, play applications or buy game currency. In order to see how to earn on classes in "Classmates", you need to start earning OKi for the beginning. Just like the VKontakte votes, you can buy OKs for real money with the help of a convenient online payment service or earn money by performing simple tasks. First, of course, you need to create an account in "Classmates" and make yourself as many friends as possible. In addition, you will have to register for special services, through which your classes will be paid.

Mutual PR

The principle of this service - service for the service. After registering and determining the social network with which you are going to work, you will be given simple tasks on the PR of other users and some content for which you will be credited with money. With these money you can pay for classes. To pay 500 classes you will have about 100-150 rubles.

Social Tools

earn Oki in classmates for free
This is a service with a good anti-banana system, thanks towhich your page will not be blocked for various frauds. It helps to create advertisements in social networks, as well as to promote a variety of content, increase the number of participants in communities and so on.

Be careful and work with the mind!

Having done all of the above, you can bothTo earn on classes in "Classmates", and to untwist desirable content. You can just sell classes, and then withdraw money to the Webmoney system. The main thing is to remember about the possible blocking of the page. Good luck in work!

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