How to get votes "in contact"?

Almost every social network hasa kind of currency, is not an exception and the favorite (mostly young people) "VKontakte." With the help of such an equivalent as voices, you can place advertisements, present friends, raise your rating or just use in a variety of games.

How to get votes "in contact"? At once it is necessary to clearly understand that you can get something, but it is easy - for money or hard enough - without additional payment. Immediately agree that all suggestions regarding the download of the program, allegedly allowing to receive free votes, will be rejected once and for all. Yes, yes, it will not be superfluous to recall this beaten "free cheese" and "mousetrap". It does not hurt, because in fact it is, because most often such programs are created solely to gain control over your page and enrich their creators, which, unfortunately, in the World Wide Web abound. In addition, you can lose access to your page, and, irrevocably, that is, for good.

How to get free of charge "VKontakte"?

If you hear that you can stillsome illegal way to achieve the desired - do not believe it. It was a long time ago, now this topic is irrelevant and everything that was before - has long been covered up. Therefore, consider several modern legal methods that can be the answer to the question: "How to get votes in contact."

Special offers

It turns out that social networks havean absolutely legalized function that allows you to receive coveted and completely free voices, performing simple tasks from various companies. For example, you will be offered on your wall to put a link to an online store or register on the site, etc., which will solve the question "how to get VKontakte votes." To find special offers, you need to perform simple actions:

  1. Go to My Settings.

  2. Go to one of the tabs, called "Balance."

  3. Click "Get votes".

  4. Select "Special offers".

  5. From the proposed list, pick up what more you like and execute the required.

In case when the choice of special offers is not too wide, try changing the city in your profile settings, preferring one of the largest (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev).

How to get votes "In contact" with the help of applications?

Invite friends to games - get freevote. Everything is quite simple, the main thing is to find people who are interested. In addition, the application gives you a very real chance to win, but for this vote you need to make an initial payment.

Promotions in thematic groups - another opportunity to get votes for free

This method is rightly considered the most fairand is most interesting. Manifesting his abilities, you can achieve what you want. To do this, you need to select a group according to your interests, whether it's writing poetry, graffiti, photography, etc., go to the most visited of the groups and take part in the competition. Treasured voices usually charge for the first three prizes.

Receiving votes from friends VKontakte

The easiest way is how to get the votes "B"To ask them from their friends: Most likely, each of them will have several votes that have not yet been determined for their intended purpose, and you have a chance to find the desired currency that you so badly need. they and friends to share, by the way, users can translate votes to each other by clicking on a specific link, where you can transfer some of the votes, and view all the operations carried out from your profile, and this method is the safest.

And in conclusion, let's draw a conclusion: the receipt of votes depends directly on your activity in the service. Want to get more free currency - support your favorite site on other different resources, use programs, be more adventurous.

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