Private office "Kiwi": services and opportunities

Payment systems that work online areconvenience and comfort of calculations, saving time and resources. The main task of the user is to select a financial holding company that will provide a minimum period for any operation, clear and simple tools for their implementation, a small commission. All these requirements are met by the QIWI payment system. Its main advantages are the speed of financial transactions and the uncomplicated interface of the official website. In order to take full advantage of the holding's services, you must register your personal account. "Kiwi" provides such an opportunity to everyone who wants without restrictions.

Private Kiwi Office

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To perform this procedure, the useryou need to use the "Create wallet" icon. After clicking on it enter the number of your mobile phone and a set of characters in CAPTCHA. Practically everything. After that, the customer will already have a "Kiwi" purse, a personal cabinet. The entrance is also carried out using a mobile phone, more precisely, its numbers. It is the login of the payment system client.

Some features

It's no secret that no site providesfull functionality to unregistered users. QIWI is no exception. So, what are the opportunities for the Kiwi-Valet owner? The personal cabinet, first of all, gives the chance to tie up to the system a map of almost any bank. Needless to say, that calculations, transfers, transfers by credit card are convenient, intuitive?

Kiwi Valet personal office

Entering your personal account, the user canreplenish your electronic wallet, as well as withdraw funds from it at any time convenient for him. There are several ways to implement such financial operations. Omitting the possibility of resorting to a bank card, you can select from them a few of the most convenient:

  • replenishment of accounts of mobile operators MTS, Megafon, Beeline and others;
  • use of services of the network "Euroset";
  • transfer of cash through terminals.

The latter method should be told in more detail. So, the private office "Kiwi" grants its owner the right to use a unique service.

Maps and mobile apps

The first page of the personal cabinet providesopportunity to use some convenient services. One of them are mobile applications. They can be used by gadget owners on Android, as well as fans of the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone. The system itself does not upload mobile applications on its website, but its pages can be followed by a direct link for downloading programs.

Kiwi wallet personal office

Entering the personal cabinet of "Kiwi" using the phoneand the mobile application, the user can easily determine the location of the terminals of the payment system. To do this, the client just need to make several transitions on the pages of the site. In the "Refill" menu there is a link to the "On the city map" service. It is there that maps of any, even the smallest inhabited locality of the Russian Federation are located.

The terminal locations on the diagrams are displayedspecial icons. Each of them is additionally provided with an exact address. On the street or in the subway, in the supermarket or at the railway station - almost everywhere the customer of the QIWI payment system can easily find the terminal.


Personal cabinet "Kiwi", like any othera serious account, has several alternatives that allow customers to extend the functionality of the system. Going to the "Settings" menu, the user can connect three types of electronic wallet.

  1. Anonymous.The owner of a purse with this name does not have the right to transfer funds, purchase all types of cards holding. Also, the system imposes a restriction on the amount of financial transactions. The ability to make payments is limited to 15,000 rubles.
  2. "Partially identified."To purchase such a purse, the payment system offers to enter some personal data to the client. In addition to the surname, name, patronymic, in the form, you must specify the date of birth, the series and the passport number. After registration, the electronic wallet will become a tool that will increase the payment limit to 60,000 rubles, remove restrictions on money transfers, allow you to issue a virtual Visa card.
  3. "Fully identified."Registration of this type of electronic wallet is possible only in the retail networks of the partners of the system (the list is available on the QIWI website) upon presentation of the passport. A fully identified account gives its rightholder not only the opportunity to take advantage of all the functionality, but also protects against fraud.

Kiwi wallet personal office entrance

Kiwi-purse, personal cabinet: security

Even with the account "Anonymous" the client can not worry about the safety of their funds. A five-step security system is a fairly reliable protection of electronic money.

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