The business: sale of clothes through the Internet

Remote business has long ceased to bean unusual phenomenon. Proof of this are numerous online stores, make a purchase in which anyone can, without leaving home. Saving time and money, of course, is an advantage of online shopping. From this article you will learn how to independently organize a business selling clothes through the Internet, find potential buyers and successfully develop their business.

How to sell clothes online?

Anyone can start his trading business on the Web. Often, this does not even require large investments. It is enough to have free time, constant access to the Internet and desire to earn.

For example, many housewives inmaternity leave on child care, attracts the sale of children's clothing through the Internet. Potential buyers are the same familiar mothers who are looking for unusual and inexpensive things for their children. Having organized their business online, women are in no hurry to return to their usual routine work and continue to develop their profitable business even after maternity leave.

to sell clothes online

In order to start your online business,it is not necessary to do wholesale purchases and to be afraid that the goods will not be in demand. Selling clothes through the Internet allows you to act as an organizer of joint purchases. In other words, people will order from you goods of interest to them, make an advance payment, and you will buy it from the supplier and wind up your interest for the work done. According to this scheme, many individual entrepreneurs work today, which is much more comfortable working at home by the computer than trading on the market.

Determine with the range

Let's say you decided to start selling clothesthrough the Internet. First of all, you need to decide on the assortment. The main criterion for a successful online sale is the relevance and relevance of things in the region where you live. Perhaps in your city there are no beautiful evening and cocktail dresses or it is absolutely impossible to find quality children's shoes. It is important to conduct a comparative analysis of the available retail clothing stores, read the forums and find out the opinions of acquaintances about what they would have bought with great pleasure.

buying clothes online

An important factor is the average income forper capita in the region where you are going to organize your Internet commerce. Excessive prices can repel potential buyers, and too cheap clothes can cause doubts in its quality. Try to focus on those products, when selling them you will have the lowest possible competition.

How to find a supplier of clothes?

A wide variety of clothing suppliers leadsa novice in online trading in confusion. Today you can order clothes both in the CIS countries, and far beyond the Commonwealth. The most profitable suppliers are, of course, Chinese clothing manufacturers. Leaders among the resources offering to make Internet sales are AliExpress and TaoBao. However, if the latter site is targeted at Chinese speakers, then on AliExpress, users can make purchases from around the world.

sale of clothes through the Internet

The advantage of Chinese suppliers is high-quality inexpensive clothing. Through the Internet, you can order quite exclusive things from China, which can not be found in any retail store in Russia.

The main rule of wholesale purchases on this site -rating of the selected seller. Do the transaction, only making sure of its conscientiousness and quality of the goods. This can be checked by the feedback of customers who have already issued orders from this supplier.

The AliExpress resource protects the rights of both parties,proof of this is a well thought out system of payment. After choosing the right product, the customer contributes the full amount of its value, after which the seller sends the goods by mail. The money entered into the system will pass to the seller's account only after the customer receives his goods and confirms his quality and safety during shipment. Otherwise, the buyer has the right to ask for a discount or a full refund of his funds. The system ensures that any parcel will be safe, including purchased clothing through the store. The Internet in this case greatly simplifies the process of making a deal.

How to find potential buyers?

Once you have decided on the supplierclothes need to look for potential buyers who will be interesting and beneficial to your product. You can try to open your own online store, but this will require money investments (site creation, design development, search engine promotion, search for a hired administrator, etc.) Therefore, the most rational way to find buyers for a beginner is a group or community on social networks.

job selling clothes online

Create such a group can be absolutely free,having advertised the services and having laid out assortment of clothes under the order. First time as potential buyers can act friends and acquaintances. Gradually, people will start to learn about your online community selling clothes and will tell about it to their friends. The principle of so-called "word-of-mouth marketing" works smoothly to this day.

However, if financial resources permit, thenYou can trust the promotion of the community to professionals who will invite potential buyers on the principle of targeting. In other words, there will be people in your group who will really start making orders. Remember that buying clothes online should be as comfortable as possible for your potential buyers.

Ways of payment of orders

For convenience of fulfillment of transactions it is necessary to offer buyers various ways of payment of orders:

  • Transfer to a bank card or money transfer to a bank account.
  • Payment by electronic currency (WebMoney, Qiwi, "Yandex Money").
  • Postal order or cash on delivery.
  • Payment in cash upon receipt of the goods.

In addition, to insure yourself against a refusalbuyer from the order, you can enter a prepayment system, which can be from 30 to 50% of the total value of the goods. Under this item can fall even inexpensive clothing. Through the Internet, payment transactions are much easier and more convenient, which saves time and money for customers.

online sale

Delivery of the order to the buyer

Correct organization of delivery of the order to the buyernot only will well affect the reputation of the online store, but also significantly reduce the time of the transaction. You can organize delivery in the following ways:

  • To deliver the order to the buyer on the house independently.
  • Give the goods in a predetermined place in a neutral territory.
  • Ask buyers to pick up the goods directly at home from the seller.
  • Hire a courier who, for a nominal fee, will deliver the goods to the right place and time.
  • Send goods by mail cash on delivery.

The advantage of online shopping is thatYou can buy this or that thing without leaving your home. That is why it is better to give preference to the delivery to the buyer at home. It will be convenient if the delivery will be positioned as free, and its real value you include in the total purchase price.

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Contract between the seller and the buyer

Well-written agreement on the provision ofservices will be able to protect the seller and the buyer from possible misunderstandings in the transaction process. And it does not matter whether it is a legal document or a formal arrangement in words. The main thing is that both sides fulfill their obligations.

For example, a mandatory clause of such an agreementthere may be an advance payment of 50% of the purchase price or a refund if the product is defective or does not fit the size. The buyer should be sure that he will not lose his money and receive a quality order that will meet his expectations.

Taxes - to pay or not to pay?

sale of children's clothes through the Internet

Any entrepreneurial activity onterritory of the Russian Federation must be legally registered and registered with the tax authority. Deductions to the state treasury will not only save you from possible problems, but also help create a confident future. After registering as an individual entrepreneur, you will make monthly social and pension payments, from which in the future your pension will be formed.

However, if you are not yet sure of the successonline business, you can try to make several trial orders for friends or relatives. If you see that selling clothes through the Internet brings positive results, then it makes sense to continue to develop your business by formalizing it according to the law. In the past few years, it has become possible to register online businesses in accordance with the tax code of the Russian Federation.

What else can you sell via the Web?

The sale of clothing through the Internet is notthe only way to organize online trading. You can sell anything. The main thing is that the goods are in demand and relevant among the inhabitants of your city or region. So, unusual female costume jewelery and accessories, various devices for kitchen and houses, accessories for the car and copies of watches of well-known brands are very popular. People will always look for unusual things that can be easily purchased without going abroad.

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Online business is responsible and persistentJob. Selling clothes through the Internet or any accessories requires a certain amount of time in the first stages. However, with a well-planned business project, the result in the form of a stable income will not take long.

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