Paypal account - what is it on "Aliexpress"? Features, instructions and reviews

Modern technologies have moved far ahead. Now, in order to make a purchase, you can just use the Internet. The World Wide Web already has its own "marketing giants," and Internet shoppers are familiar with the rules and nuances of this procedure.

Such people, for sure, heard about the existence ofone of the largest online stores in the world - "Aliexpress." Incredibly low prices, a lot of stocks and a startling assortment - that's what the site deserved the attention of millions of customers. Increasingly, users are asking the question: Paypal account - what is it on "Aliexpress"? With this we have to understand this publication.

what is paypal account for aliexpress

What is a Paypal account?

Customers of online stores around the world know aboutdifferent ways of payment for goods. For the countries of the post-Soviet space, the Webmoney payment system has become an excellent resource. But on the world scene most often appears Paypal. With this online system, you can easily pay for purchases or accept / send cash.

Why not pay by card directly? First, Paypal is good for paying in foreign stores, where a normal credit card can be difficult. About such advantages as the speed and simplicity of the procedure, it's not even worth talking about, it's by itself. But the main "trump card" is the security of your funds. Do not always want to give details about your card to all stores in a row and expose yourself to financial danger. This will protect you from this system.

What else I want to say: Paypal does not use any internal currency, as it often happens with other well-known payment systems. Therefore, you see your money in the form in which it exists. The procedure for registering with Paypal is quite simple and will not take you more than 5 minutes. From the nuances - when binding a card on it there must be at least a few dollars, otherwise the system may refuse to conduct this procedure.

paypal account what is it on aliexpress

Paypal and "Aliexpress"

Paypal is an independent payment system. It has its own rules, personal arbitration, a secure zone for operations and unique accounts. The policy of the system simply did not allow the website "Aliexpress" to fulfill its duties on regulating transactions between the seller and the buyer.

Therefore, Aliexpress has long ago abandonedcooperation with this resource. Therefore, questions like "how to find out the Paypal account on Aliexpress?" no longer cause much interest, and are rare. Two of these systems work by themselves and have almost no common ground. The only exception is the return of money from "Aliexpress" to Paypal. How does this usually happen?

how to find out paypal account for aliexpress

Sellers on "Aliexpress" and money back on Paypal

Anyone who is familiar with the policy of the online store"Aliexpress," they know about the protection of the buyer. Let's say you made an order and paid for it. From the moment of sending by the seller of your goods the time of protection of purchase begins. During this time you can open a dispute with the seller. As a rule, this happens in several cases: the goods have arrived, but it does not correspond to the description or photographs, shld or did not come at all.

The first may include the presence of marriage ormalfunction. In these cases, the seller agrees to refund you a part of the money for the goods or return the money in full. This is established by site rules. If they are not implemented, the seller may lose his job or, at a minimum, pay a reputation.

Sly and false sellers came up with themselvesa loophole - they promise in a dispute to return you money to a Paypal account. What's on "AliExpress" to agree to such a deal? In most cases, you will simply lose money and lose the goods. Why not agree to such an adventure?

paypal account what is aliexpress

What is a Paypal account on "Aliexpress"?

When you open a dispute, you can see the requeststhe seller to close it. Like, this is bad for his reputation or the store can close. In return, he suggests that you return the money to the Paypal account. What is it on Aliexpress? There are a lot of good reasons to refuse the seller in such a request.

First, pay attention to the fact that directtransfers can not be received by all residents of the CIS countries. This function is available only for residents of Russia. So, if you are residents of Belarus, Ukraine or, for example, Kazakhstan, you will not be able to return money to Paypal physically. But, despite this, self-confident sellers will guarantee you a payment. Inexperienced buyers even specifically create accounts for Paypal, confident that they will get their money.

Secondly, any thinking person immediatelywill understand that in this venture something is unclean. After all, the policy of "AliExpress" establishes certain rules and its own system of money repayment. And if to you suggest to bypass such scheme, here a priori there is a dirty trick. The seller's goal in this case is not to pay you money and force you to close the dispute.

If the protection time has not yet expired - the dispute can beopen several times. But if this time has already come to an end (by the way, you can also increase it by writing about this to the seller) and you will close the dispute - wait for a response silence. Of course, an honest seller (which units) can return you funds to Paypal, but this will depend on his personal desire. Nobody and not that does not oblige him to return you money, because the dispute is closed and the defense has expired. The seller has achieved his goal.

paypal account what is it aliexpress

Money back when the protection time has not expired

If protection has not yet expired, the seller understands,that once the buyer closes the dispute, nothing prevents him from opening it again if he does not receive his money for Paypal. In this version, none of the sellers will not take risks, because in this way he can pay a double price of the goods: one to you on Paypal, and the other under the protection program.

We will explain in more detail. Let's say the protection time is still there, but the seller faithfully reimbursed the cost of the goods to Paypal, and you closed the dispute. Then you open the dispute again and already "Aliexpress" obliges the seller to return the funds to you. As a result, you can receive the goods for free and also a cash bonus at a rate of one more cost. Which vendor will go for this? The answer suggests itself, and therefore there is no reason to believe in a wonderful return to Paypal.

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Transfer and payment on Paypal

Let's figure out what a transfer and payment is forPaypal account. What is it on "Aliexpress" and how it is connected with the return of funds? The matter is that on Paypal-transfer and payment are two completely different things.

What is a simple translation, probably no onedo not need to explain. But the payment is carried out as payment for a certain product or service, and to regulate these issues on Paypal there is a buyer's protection. That is, if you are sent money as payment, but you are the seller.

How sellers use this with "Aliexpress": they promise you to return the money to Paypal, return as a payment, you see money on the account, rejoice at the honesty of the transaction close the dispute. After 40 days, the protection program on Paypal obliges you to return the money that you received as payment if the buyer opens the dispute (remember that in this case the seller is you, and the seller with "AliExpress" acts as the buyer).

Thus, the money is returned to the seller, and youremain with nothing. So if you agreed to pay through Paypal, carefully make sure that it was a translation. If you are watching payment, boldly reject and continue the usual dispute on "Aliexpress."

what is a paypal account

In which case can I agree to pay through Paypal

You can still agree to pay throughPaypal account. What is it on "Aliexpress"? Despite all the prejudices and the fact that most sellers on "Ali" still do not differ in good faith, you can find honest people.

Such sellers may invite you to sendmoney on Paypal, even when the term of protection is over, and the dispute will be closed. Only in this version, you can agree to pay for the Paypal account. What is it on "Aliexpress"? This is the concern of sellers who value their reputation and treat each client carefully.

Only in this way you risk nothing, because it isyour last chance at all to get some money from the seller. But, as you know, there are really such cases, and it's very rare to get on an honest and sympathetic person.

In conclusion

We hope that we gave an exhaustive answer to the question about the Paypal account, what it is. "Aliexpress" always cares about its customers, and you try not to fall for the tricks of swindlers.

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