Instruction: how to hide a friend "VKontakte"?

how to hide a friend Vkontakte
The social network VKontakte makes it possible to producecustomize the user's page on your own. We can customize the news that our friends will see, subscribe to interesting publics and groups, then to track interesting notes and notes, restrict access to our account and so on. In general, almost all parameters can be set independently. In this article, we'll talk about how to hide a friend "VKontakte."

Lists of friends

Users of this site is quite a lot. For the convenience of communication, we can add friends and buddies to the "Friends" list. What does it give? First, quick access to their pages, for example, in order to write a message or to view information of interest. Secondly, the ability to track the events of their profile and show their news. Again for convenience.

You can not send applications to friends.more than 20 times a day - this is the limit that is set to prevent fraud. All friends on your list you can divide by already existing categories (for example, colleagues, relatives, etc.) or by newly created ones.

Hidden friends

Many subscribers vkontakte
Previously, the site profile settings had the opportunityhide all friends «ВКонтакте». But the security policy has changed, and now there is an opportunity to hide only a part of friends (maximum 30 people). It's good or bad - we do not undertake to judge. So, how to hide a friend "VKontakte"? A few simple steps:

  1. We go to the site VKontakte under your login and password.
  2. In the left menu, select the "My Settings" section.
  3. Then in the horizontal menu, select "Privacy"
  4. We find the phrase "Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions."
  5. Click on the link and in the window that appearsproceed to selection. So how do you hide a friend "VKontakte"? In the opened window we see two fields: on the left is the list of friends, and on the right - the list of hidden friends. To add to the second part, you must click "plus" opposite the last name of the friend in the first part.
  6. Conversely, to make a hidden friend open, you need to click on the "cross" on the right side next to the desired name.

Below, you can configure users who will be able to see your hidden friends.

Deleting friends

Hide all vkontakte friends
In order to clean the list of friends, you must:

  • Go to the page to a specific user and, carefully thinking, select the menu item "Remove from friends."


  • Open the menu "My friends" and next to the person you want to press a similar button.

After uninstallation, users are listedsubscribers who will see the news from your page. If you want, you can delete them. Some people have a lot of VKontakte subscribers. Why? Or the user made a "cleansing of friends", or purposely scored as many subscribers for advertising or any other purposes.

In this article, we described how to hide a friend"In contact with". We hope that this material will help you in personalization of your page in the social network and in creating a more comfortable and convenient pastime on the Internet.

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