How to use Twitter?

The popularity of social networks is now high. They spend their free time, advertise their business, find old friends. Among such sites, a service such as Twitter ( stands out. How to use this social network and what are its advantages?

Register and send messages

The first step is to learn how to useTwitter is registration. Here everything is like on any website: enter your name, surname, email address and click on the button "Register" or "Sign Up" (if the interface is originally in English). In the "Settings" section you can state the information about yourself that you think is necessary. Here, if necessary, you can add the address of your site or blog.

Now we proceed to what constitutes the verythe essence of this network. Send your messages and read others' - that's all you can with the help of Twitter. How to use this opportunity? Very simple. Already after registration on the left in the bottom corner you are shown a list of people whose messages you can subscribe to (or, as they say, follow). To make a choice, just click the "Read" button in front of the person that interested you. On the right side, the messages themselves will be displayed. Then you will be asked to choose a topic that interests you: music, politics, humor, etc. In each of these topics, you can choose a person or organization whose messages you would be interested in reading.

How to use Twitter to sendown messages? If you want your messages to be read by other users, then just type the text in the line that is in the upper left corner of your account. The size of the message should not exceed 140 characters. Having typed the text, press the button "Tweet". If the message is intended for a specific person, at the beginning, specify it with a nickname (in @ MyFriend format).

Service Features

At first glance, the quantity constraintscharacters seem shy. But in them there are pluses. First, you will learn how to express your thoughts briefly. Secondly, such a service is convenient for the promotion of sites or blogs: users will be much easier to read a short text than an article on a half page. The main thing is to understand how to use it. Twitter can also be configured to send messages from the mobile, which is very convenient, if not always possible to log in from the computer. To do this, use the address or download special software that provides Twitter, at

How to use Twitter to search for friends? It's very simple. Click on the "In Course" tab at the top of the page, then on the "Find Friends" tab. There are several options to choose from. You can enter the first name and last name of the friend in the search box or find it by e-mail address if you use one of the email services that Twitter has access to. To do this, you must click on the button "Search in the address book" and thus give the service access to your mailbox. After you find the person you need, you can click on the "Read" button, and now he will be among the "read" or, as they say on Twitter, zafolovlennyh. If someone finds you and adds it, it will be displayed on your page among readers or followers. You can unsubscribe from messages by clicking the Cancel button.

In addition to the above functions, Twitter providesthe ability to add your photos to your profile and attach to messages. You can make the page to your liking by choosing the style that is convenient for you in the settings.

Here, perhaps, and all about how to use Twitter. As you can see, this service is quite simple to use. But, at the same time, it is an excellent advertising platform and news site.

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