The domain zone of the islands of Tokelau. How to register a .tk domain for free?

The is the national domain of the Tokelau Islands, which, with the aim of increasing the prestige and recognition of this territory, was made free for registration. It is not the only one of its kind - for "thank you" you can also register domains in the zones .gf, .ga, .gq, .ml.

Paid registration

Not any address here can be obtainedis free. If the name consists of four or fewer characters, you will have to pay for it. There are also long addresses, which are also paid - according to information on the registrar's website, these are so-called special domains, whose commercial value is higher (therefore their cost may exceed the price of "usual" paid addresses).

.tk domain can be registered on a paid basis for a period of 2 to 5 years. It gives several major advantages:

  • legal domain ownership and rights;
  • the ability to use their own DNS;
  • is owned with the right to extend to 9 years;
  • there are no restrictions on the number of visitors;
  • WHOIS is displayed.

The paid domain remains in the owner's possession,regardless of whether the site is connected to it or not. 60 days before the end date of registration, the company sends a reminder and gives the opportunity to extend domain ownership for longer, for a period of 3 to 9 years.

Free method

You can get a free .tk domain if the name is longer than four characters and no one else is busy. However, this does not make the owner of such an address. The owner is the company.

However, the advantages are obvious:

  • is free;
  • can be registered for any period from 3 months to a year;
  • It is possible to use the shortened address when connecting TiKilinks (it also allows you to connect the site to other domains of Dot TK and, as the company promises, to increase attendance at this expense);
  • you can extend the registration for a period of 3 months to a year, also free of charge (the company will send a warning 15 days before the expiry date).

At the same time, there are serious limitations:

  • .tk domain can not be registered "for future use", if itfree. There should be a website, a personal page, a web profile, a blog or a portfolio. After some time, the company's specialists will check this and if nothing happens at the specified address, the registration will be canceled and the domain will be released.
  • Within three months, a minimum of 25 visitors should visit the site. Otherwise, the domain will be taken away, and it will be available to everyone again.
  • WHOIS for a free address is not shown.
  • According to some webmasters, a company can recall a free name without clearly defined reasons.
  • Search engines are wary of this domain zone and can (it is not proven, but probably) to pessimize such resources, even if they have completely unique content.

tk domain

Who should buy the address of Tokelau

Free can be used by those who want to try their hand at web mastering, but are not ready to invest money in it. It is also a good choice for various experiments (although the result can be affected by the special attitude of search engines to this domain zone). Many also use this name as a temporary one before a full-fledged launch of a new project.

Paid names in the .tk zone should be bought by those who provide cargo transportation services (.tk - "truck"), or those whose business is connected with the islands of Tokelau.

How to register a .tk domain for free

tk free domain

To receive .tk the domain it is possible at the registrar By typing this address, the person will automatically be redirected to the main page with a large field to enter the desired address. The site name is entered without an extension, that is, if in the end you need to have, in the field you only need to enter dzedze and press "Go".

Depending on whether the desired address is availableand whether it is free, there is a second step. If everything is in order, a page with a CAPTCHA will appear. Here you can choose one of three options for dealing with the domain: redirection and its landing page, select the DNS input, or choose the hosting offered by the service.

After entering the captcha, the option is availableregistration, as well as the rejection of it (the domain is delegated to the customer, regardless of whether this person is registered or not). It is very desirable, however, to register - only in this case the new owner will be able to conduct transactions with the domain address and extend the registration time.

tk domain registration

If you select the "Sign In" option and the correct captcha is entered, a window opens where the system will prompt you to log in from one of the most common networks.

In the appeared window it is necessary to confirm the right of access to the information on the page in the network. After that the procedure will end - .tk domain will finally acquire a new owner.

how to register a tk domain

A few words about the registrar

Registrar Dot TK is a joint projectthe Government of the Tokelau Islands, the private company BV Dot TK and the Teletok organization. BV Dot TK is a company appointed by the government of the islands as an exclusive object of registration, it is engaged in commercial activities as Dot TK Registry, which in turn is based on private capital and has its servers in all corners of the world. Registration of the .tk domain on a paid and free basis allows to support the economy of Tokelau and raise the prestige and recognition of the country among the inhabitants of the planet.

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