About: blank how to remove easily? About: blank: step by step instruction

A fairly common and bothersome virusabout: blank haunts many PC users. It's quite simple to detect that your computer is infected - it's enough to enter the Internet browser and see that you have a start page there - an "empty form". The virus brings a lot of inconvenience to its presence.

What is dangerous about: blank?

One might think that there is nothing supernaturalthe virus can not do it - it costs itself in the browser and it costs. It would seem that just the start page is now simply an "empty form", but in fact everything is somewhat different.

New tab about blank

About:blank is also the so-called browser hijacker. It can cause great damage to the computer, because it affects the security system. Therefore, the Windows recovery system may fail. In addition, about: blank is also a trojan. Should I mention that such viruses are made with a computer and data? It's easy to catch them, and to get rid of attacks and consequences is very, very difficult.

The effect of infection is trite - about:blank copies its files to the hard disk of the infected computer, then registers the startup of the virus in the registry. You can distinguish it from the executable in the autorun file named svhost.exe. With all this, as already mentioned, during the launch of the browser a new tab about: blank appears. Since the virus is prescribed in the autorun, changing the address of the start page does not help. That's why it's important to know how to get rid of about: blank.

Methods of removal

Where does the "blank form" appear? Affects about: blank "Yandex", "Google", "Amigo" and other browsers. You can delete it in several ways. How effective they will be depends only on how well you know about computers and programs.

To begin with, consider the most commonmethod - removal with the help of specialized utilities. They are very likely to be able to remove about: blank, and clean the system of other "pristavuchih" programs.

about blank looks like

Now we'll look at some useful utilities that are fairly easy to use.


This is the development of an American companyEnigmaSoftware. It is able to solve the problem and get rid of the about: blank virus. How to remove a pest in automatic mode, you will learn if you use this utility. It works on all Windows systems. The package includes anti-virus protection. In addition, SpyHunter4 protects files and settings from malicious codes, fixes various browser issues, removes malicious registry entries and all files created about: blank. The program is easy to use. You just need to start it, then click the "Scan" button and wait for the scan to finish. After that, the information about the detected malicious files and the operations performed with them will be published.

Security Stronghold

This is a handy utility, using which youyou will no longer nervously ask friends: "There was about: blank, how to delete?" It should be used when you are not quite sure whether to delete these or those infected files. Conventional software can not detect all trojans and other unfavorable files that your computer is infected with. Security Stronghold will solve this problem. Like SpyHunter4, the program searches for and deletes all registry files and regular files created about: blank, but gives you the right to choose what to touch and what not. This is a fairly quick and easy utility. By analogy with many programs, you just need to start the scan, then choose which files and what to do. After that, the computer will be cleared of importunate Trojans.

about blank

Manual removal

If the computer attacked about:blank, how to remove it manually? This is quite an adequate question for those who do not trust a variety of programs. Of course, if you already somehow picked up the virus when downloading the software, it's logical that you do not want to step on the same rake again and end up ruining your computer's life. How can I get rid of about: blank myself and manually without using software? It is quite simple to do this, but there are several options. Now we will consider the most common, albeit longer way.

Method 1: Processes and Settings

This way of deleting about:blank is quite convenient and simple, but requires vigilance. This is due to the fact that you have to complete a lot of system processes. Any error can lead to loss of data and inefficiency of "treatment".

1. Complete the processes and close the files agent-ac.dll, svhost.exe, phafxfa.exe, xea2108l.9zt, cbme.dll, wdm.dll, achpjba.dll, message.

Note: You can find the dll files in the folder: C / Windows / system32.

how to get rid of about

2. Reset the browser settings, where appeared about: blank ("Yandex", "Google Chrome", "Mozilla" or any other). For different browsers different algorithm for virus removal. Do not try to reinstall them - it still will not get rid of the problem.

Internet Explorer

Go to the command search (in the Windows XP path -"Start" / "Open", in Windows 7 and others - "Start" / "Search") and find inetcpl.cpl. After that, select the "Advanced" tab, find the line "Reset browser settings" and double-click on it. Next, delete the personal history settings and wait for the process to complete.

Google Chrome

Go to: C:Users "username" AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationUserData (the browser installation folder). Find the Default file there and rename it to DefaultBackup. Launch Google Chrome - the settings will be reset.

Mozilla Firefox

In the "Help" section of the menu, select "Information for solving problems", and then "Reset Firefox". Wait until the process is complete and click "Finish".

about how to remove

Method 2: System Restore

Sometimes cleaning the browser does not help. Then you need to restore the system. This also can help with the occurrence of about: blank. Now we'll see how to roll back the system.

1. Open the Start menu.

2. Find "Utilities" there.

3. Select System Restore. It is important that the computer creates recovery points in the process, which will help to roll back the system at the time when the PC was working properly. When choosing a date, you need to pick the one that was before the infection about: blank. Click "Next" and follow the instructions.

4. Wait for completion. The computer will reboot. After recovery, the virus should not appear.


Now you know what about: blank. How to remove it, we also told. The main thing is to worry about certain things in advance:

- Create periodically restore points Windows;

- save all important files and data;

- check your computer for viruses from time to time;

- store data in the cloud with passwords;

- Do not download suspicious software to your computer.

how to clean about

Following a simple step-by-step instruction and usingour tips, you can provide a long and high-quality life to your computer, your files will remain intact and safe, and a new tab about: blank will stop looming before your eyes.

If no described methods help (thathappens in extremely neglected cases), it is necessary to resort to extreme measures: reinstalling the system. You can do it yourself or take the computer to specialists. Remember that the safety of the PC and the safety of files on the hard drive is only in your hands. In due time solve the arisen problems, not to see a lamentable result.

Successful solutions!

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