"VKontakte" is not pressed buttons: possible reasons

The social network "VKontakte" is, perhaps,the most popular site among young people, because it is in this project that you can quickly find communication, and also watch videos, listen to music, install applications, and just perfectly and interestingly spend your free time. As a rule, each user selects a browser for himself, with the help of which he subsequently is on the social network, and on other sites. Since the project, which we are currently discussing, is very popular, then, accordingly, it is assigned to large loads, which can lead to "glitches" and other troubles. It often happens that when VKontakte is not pressed buttons. Yes, they simply stop working, and then simply there is no possibility to continue to be on this site, because you can not go to another page. Let's look at why buttons are not pressed in the "VC"?


no buttons are pressed on the button
This problem can occur not because of the server,which processes requests, namely because of your computer, and cope with it, according to statistics, not everyone can. In fact, there are many reasons why the "VKontakte" buttons are not pressed, and today we will try to figure out how to solve this problem.


First of all you need to try to go tosocial network from another browser, for example, it can be Opera or Google Chrome, we do not exclude other options, but most often this error occurs just for users who are on the Internet with Mozilla. So, why are not the "VKontakte" buttons pressed? The matter is that, probably, your cache is simply overloaded, and, accordingly, you should clean it. Also, it would be advisable to clean up the Cokies either directly in the browser or through a specialized program, for example, it could be CCleaner.

why not press the Vkontakte buttons
"VKontakte" is not pressed buttons due to the fact that there are possible overloads. More precisely, your provider can not cope with such a flow, so everything else can depend on it.

If you clear all stored data, andchange the browser, then for sure the problem is that "VKontakte" is not pressed buttons, you instantly disappear. And if the case has not changed, then you should contact your provider or simply write to the support team.


If the "VKontakte" button is not pressed, then we recommend also try to go from the mobile device and check whether everything will work in this mode.

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