How to wind up the votes "VKontakte" - all about it!

Each social network has its own distinctiveunits of account. "VKontakte" are voices. They allow the user to raise their rating, buy gifts for friends, receive new options in applications, etc. Receiving votes is a paid procedure, but not all want to put their real money for them. That's why "How to wind up the voices" in Contact "?" - one of the main issues of concern to users.

how to wind up voices in contact

Ways to get votes

The first, the easiest way, how to windvoices "VKontakte" is just asking them from their friends. Perhaps you have friends who use their account very rarely, but they have voices on it. In this case, it will be quite easy for them to share with you.

The second legal and rather simple optionreceiving calculated "contact units" - gaming applications that give them in return for invitations to friends or for achieving certain results. Some of the applications arrange quizzes, the winner of which is a vote wrapping "VKontakte" for free. However, there is one significant disadvantage in this method. The administration of the site introduced a ban on the withdrawal of votes from the application. Therefore, they can be used only where they were obtained.

cheat in contact for free
Another way how to wind the vote "In"- placing links on your Internet resource. Now the promotion of sites in "VKontakte" is very common. Therefore, many optimizers are ready to give you their votes for putting your link on your blog or website. If you are active in this direction, you can get a lot of currency in VKontakte.

Among the proposals, how to wind the vote "InYou can see the advice on creating your own mini-business on the Internet. This can be done by a person who is addicted to playing in any application. He can create accounts there, open new options in the application, pump the character, and then sell the "untwisted" account to other people for the currency of the social network.

Special programs

You can not buy VKontakte unitsonly by the above methods. Now there is more than one program for cheating votes "VKontakte." However, it was invented by hackers, therefore the principle of work and its main secrets are not known to ordinary users. Although, in principle, this is not necessary. To many end users, only the result is important.

a program for cheating votes in contact

VK Winder

VK Winder is one of the known programs,winding up the votes "VKontakte". It features simple and convenient use, a pleasant interface, clear navigation. An important advantage of this development is its free distribution. This allows you to apply it unlimited number of times a long time. Thus, you can become a happy owner of the required number of votes. However, the program should be used very carefully, since the site administration carefully tracks "freeloaders". So, if you have more than 200 votes on your account every day, it will cause suspicion and the page will be frozen. Therefore, use the software reasonably and in moderation.

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