Repeat: what it is and why it is needed

The Re-outpost. What is it, knows any user of modern social networks. Very often in the news stream there are messages with such a loud call. It is not always clear why it is so necessary, why everyone asks it.

outpost what is it
In fact, very few people know about the outpost thatthis is a great way to spread the information, bring it to a huge number of people, and increase the attendance of the online store, and just a personal blog or website.

In the event of any social problems orthe need to raise a certain amount for charity, many resort to the help of social networks. Having written a post promoting the information to the masses, and adding a fiery request: "Please, repost!" - a person launches a machine to spread his news. If from a hundred subscribers at least twenty people press the coveted button, the message will already be twenty times more people than if no one posted the news on his wall. Thus, in a short time the information flies around a fairly wide range of users, spreading within the Internet.

please outpost
Many charitable organizations createdvolunteers, not by hearsay know what is the Reverse in Contact. They use this function, spreading information to such remote corners of the country and beyond, where it could not have reached other ways, and even so quickly. Money for the treatment of children is collected most often by this method, and its effectiveness can not be underestimated.

Owners of online stores also know aboutan outpost that is an excellent marketing tool. One of the conditions for participating in various competitions with cheap, but memorable prizes, is the requirement to post on your page. Thus, the company, having spent several thousand rubles on the advertising campaign, gets a lot of publicity among the target audience, increasing its profits many times. Using such a competent approach, many online stores can safely abandon the use of other, classic ways of promoting their products, fully focusing on "competitive" promotions.

what is the outpost in contact
Simple users also know about the outpost,It's an opportunity to share your happiness with others. A significant event often spreads through friends in social networks. For example, in the case of a wedding, it's enough just to post the appropriate message and ascribe: "Make an outpost, friends!" After that the post will instantly spread across many news lines, and not a day will pass as half of the city will know who and where the wedding took place .

In today's world, where the Internet does not takethe last important place, do not lose sight of the new trends. So, a small function introduced in social networks for entertainment, very quickly won the glory of a powerful advertising tool, replacing ad posting and specialized resources, saving a lot of companies a lot of money.

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