How to make an active link in the "Instagram", in the profile and comments

Social networks have long burst into our lives andToday, some people take more free time than live communication. Despite this, many do not know the features of using these Internet resources, so they have a question, how to make an active link in the "Instagram"?

Where exactly is the link needed?

In fact, the answer to this question is quitesimple, most importantly, you need to determine where exactly the link will be placed. If you wondered how to make an active link in the "Instagram" in the comments to the entry, then the principle will be one, and in the profile - a slightly different one. Often the principle of placement is not particularly different, so the similarity will be traced.

Active link in profile

If we consider the profile in the named social network,then it will be important not only to place the link in principle, but also to arrange it appropriately. How to make an active link in the "Instagram" profile - such a question, you can say, has no answer, when you enter it, it automatically becomes active.

how to make an active link in an instagram

But, as we remember, links do not always look likebeautiful, often it is due to the fact that it is too long. Not infrequently links also have a large number of incomprehensible signs, in addition to the name of the site itself. In order to fix this, you can use special link shortening services. One of the most popular is, but there are others. Among the most reliable there are about 4 services.

Link in a post

Links under the placed photos will not bework, so there is no point in writing them there. For this it is easier to write under the photo, that you can go to the active link in the profile. And if you take into account the fact that the photos in "Instagram" are the posts, then there is no answer to the question of how to make an active link in the post "Instagram". This is done to prevent spam on this social network.

how to make an active link in the profile of the instagram

Many users have long been interested in whenit will be possible to make active links in the "Instagram", but so far this issue remains open, since such changes are not planned. Therefore, if there is a link under the photo, the only thing you can do is copy it, then paste it into the search bar in the next window. Only after that you will have the opportunity to see what is hidden under this link, if it is not specified in the profile.

Link in comments

How to make an active link in the "Instagram"It concerns not only the profile and posts, but also comments. Some users believe that this is not possible as in the case of photographs, that is, posts. But there was a small trick with which you can make such manipulations.

If you use this social network all the time, and you often need to place an active link in the comments, you will need to copy it and save it.

This combination looks like this: <href = "your link"> your text </>. Recording begins with one sign "more-less" and ends with the same, only turned the other way.

how to make an active link in post instagram
And now you need to properly place the record. It is inserted into the comment box, as well as plain text. Instead of the words "your link" it is necessary to place the address to which the transition will need to be made, that is, the immediately necessary link. Instead of the words "your text" you can somehow sign it. So, if you post information about your blog, it can be the inscription "my blog", etc.

Many may have doubts that such aa set of incomprehensible symbols will never turn into an adequate reference, but once you place a post, everything comes back to normal. It is extremely important to ensure that you do not miss any sign or accidentally remove it. The answer to the question of how to make an active link in the "Instagram" in the comments, will be positive only if the instructions are strictly followed!

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