Stages of site creation

Stages of creating a website can be divided intocommercial and technical. That is, the creation of a site for an order does not begin with its design, but with a client search. When a client is found, a contract is drawn up, negotiated, amended and approved. These are the commercial stages of creating a website.

The treaty prescribes mechanisms and principlesinteraction between the customer and the contractor, the terms of implementation, the method of payment. To the contract is attached the Terms of Reference, which describes the requirements for the site and the budget.

The work process itself assumesthe following stages of the creation of the site: preliminary stage, work on the design and architecture of the project, work on the technological basis, writing content, testing, setting up the project, launching the project.

The preliminary stage involves the identification of allrequirements of the customer to the design of the project, as well as to its technological basis. At the preliminary stage, the project objectives and tasks are defined and formulated, the project implementation plan is drawn up. At the preliminary stage, there are several meetings with the customer, the result of which is a "brief about design" - this is a document about the features of graphic design of the project.

At the stage of work on design and architectureThe project analyzes the interface conditions, creates intuitive navigation. These are the necessary conditions for an effective and effective design. Any site today should be understandable to everyone who gets it. Any user should be able to understand the interface of the site and find on it all that is needed. Based on these studies and developments, a design concept is formed, on the basis of which a pilot project is created. Trial projects help to choose the most optimal solution for the implementation of all project functions. Then the chosen solution must be approved by the customer. During the discussion, the project is undergoing further development and adjustment. On the output samples of typical pages of the site are presented. All stages of creating a website are equally important, but it is the stage of work on design and architecture that creates the attractiveness of the site, its aesthetics and character.

The third stage istechnological basis according to the terms of reference and the design concept. During this period, work is underway on the structure of databases, partition templates, interactive services, the principles and interfaces of the administration system are being developed. This is necessary for a quick upgrade. The result of this stage is a working version of the site. It is necessary to correlate the purpose of creating a site with what was obtained at this stage.

Then comes the stage of creating content andfilling his site. In addition to the texts, it is possible to add a graphic addition to the site. At this stage it is important to think over the style of the texts and their content. The purpose of creating a website is largely achieved thanks to the competent content that users are interested in.

When all the texts and materials are compiled andare placed on the site, testing of the project begins. It shows all the problems and shortcomings made while creating the site, and allows them to be fixed. After troubleshooting, the site is displayed to the customer.

When the customer has approved the resulting creation, there are consultations on administration, configuration of equipment and maintenance of the site by the customer.

The process of creating a website ends with its launch into operation and its opening for Internet users.

The creation of the site involves specialists,who have experience in Internet technologies and are familiar with the specifics of working on the Web. The project is coordinated by the manager. Also, the working team usually includes a designer, a web technologist, an HTML encoder, a copywriter editor.

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