Register a site in Google is not easy, but very simple

Each site on the Internet has the righttake your place. And this right, completely free of charge, is provided to site owners by search engines that are engaged in ranking the network resources in accordance with the input requests. Search engines are by no means simple programs, they all have a rather complicated and intricate algorithm of action. The results of the search engine are influenced by many different factors.

In order for the site to occupy one of the top lineslist of requests, a whole set of special methods, which are called methods for promoting websites, are used. One of them is the method of registering a site in a search engine, in particular, you can register a site on Google. It should be noted that if the site is not specifically registered, then the Google search engine will sooner or later index it, just with registration this procedure will be much faster. Simplified, the indexing of the site can be considered the assignment of a certain number to it, which determines its place among all sites of this subject.

As noted earlier, search engines -rather complex programs. Each of them, except for the main part - the search robot, contains in its composition several additional services that provide users with additional opportunities. So, if we talk about registration in the broad sense of the word, then this term can include not only registration for indexing the site, but also registration on additional services. Consider an expanded version of how to register a site on Google. Its description is given below.

All types, allowing to registersite in Google, are fairly simple in the procedure for their passage and basically do not require any special knowledge. The most important thing is to find out what services this search engine has, why each of them is needed, and in which of them it is necessary to register. Consider all the services of the Google search engine.


Adding a site to the queue for indexing. This, so to speak, is the main service of the search engine. In order to register a Google site, it is enough to enter the site name in the specified format in the specified format and add comments if desired. Then click the "Add URL" button. In order to get to the registration page, you need to type in any search engine the phrase: registration of the site on Google and go to one of the above links.


Webmaster Tools on Google isA special service that helps to solve a number of topical issues for them. With the help of this service, you can diagnose internal problems of the site from the perspective of the search engine, specify the region for which it was created, and see general statistics. To start working with this service, you need to register, and to do this, come up and enter your login and password. This service also has its own link, which you can find out by entering the following query: Google Webmaster Tools.


Google Analytics Collection and Processing Servicestatistical data of the site. This is a very important service that provides the user with the most complete information about the visitors of the site. These data are presented in the form of tables and maps. They can be used to find out how many times and from where there were visits, as well as a lot of other very useful information. You can find out the link for registration on this service in the same way as above by entering the query: Google Analytics.

+1 button

This is a button in the Google social network. To place it on the site, you need to insert a button script on each page. After that, it will appear on all pages, and the visitor of the site will be able to click it. And the more often this button will be pressed, the more important this page will be for Google's search robot and the higher the site's rating will be.


To speed up indexing, you can tryregister the site on Google in the free DMOZ directory. For normal registration, two conditions must be met. The first is to find a suitable topic for the site. Secondly, it is necessary that this thematic section has an editor whose data is located at the very bottom of the registration page. After the "Search" and "Selection" are done, you can click the "Suggest URL" button and the registration is completed.

As you can see, it's easy to register a site in Google, the main thing is desire, patience and perseverance. Good luck!

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