How to delete an account in the instagram completely

Initially, the Instagram service could functionOnly on Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad). However, in the spring of 2012, programs for other mobile platforms began to appear. Until recently, this network has increased the number of users day by day. And this statistic seems quite logical, because this service for processing and publishing photos are often called the best or one of the best. Today, many people ask the question: "How to delete an account in Instagram?"

Why users want to delete their accounts

The wave of discontent of the Internet community wasis caused in connection with the purchase of the resource by Facebook. And along with the change of leadership, some parts of the license agreement also changed, which describes what rights a person who creates an account in Instagram have. So, after the resale of the resource, a paragraph appeared, which states that profile data and photographs can in some cases be used without the consent of their owners.

Among other things, to attract more attentionThe service was connected to PR specialists and marketers, but their activity was too strong. A large number of emails, polls, advertisements and announcements about new promotions began to come to users' e-mail. It is because of this behavior of the Facebook management that those who have recently used the service with pleasure today intend to delete the account in Instagram.

Some useful tips

  • The ability to delete an account from an application,installed on a mobile device, to date, no. Whichever OS or application version is installed on your phone or tablet, you still need to use the browser to uninstall it.
  • If you have the opportunity to resort to the desktopyou do not have a computer, you will have to deceive the system. It is not difficult to do this, because you can close the account in Instagram using the built-in browser or by downloading any of the repositories, as there are many such programs today. The most popular ones are Opera, Safari, Chrome. In the browser settings, it is desirable to enable the ability to recognize your phone as a computer.
  • The account can be reactivated,so you should treat your account with caution. Simply put, your account can be hacked if the attacker gets a link to activate it.
    how to delete an account in instagramme

How to delete an account in Instagram?

  1. First open any browser that is installed on your computer.
  2. Go to the main page of the Instagram.
  3. Left-click on the "Login" button on the home page of the site.
  4. Enter the username and password you use to log in to your account. After entering, click the "Sign in" button again.
  5. After entering the right in the top corner of the pageYour name or the name you used when returning the profile will be displayed. On the line with the name you need to click once, after that in the same corner of the screen there will be a drop-down menu with several items. Click on "Edit profile".
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  6. Now look at the lower right corneropen the page. There will be an inscription "I want to delete my account". After clicking on it, the menu items are displayed, from which you will be asked to select the reason for the deletion.
  7. Since deleting an account in Instagram without specifyingreasons are not possible, it is recommended to select "Other" if none of the available items is suitable. Also choose this reason if you do not want to report why you actually decided to delete your account.
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  8. After choosing the reason, you will have to enter againyour password. This forced measure is necessary so that you do not accidentally lose your data, and also that no one except you can delete your account. If you did not need to enter a password, someone who accessed your computer or phone could easily delete your profile without serious obstacles.
    how to close an account in instagramme
  9. Entering the password, it remains to press the last button to confirm your choice.

Seven times measure

Do not forget to back up yourphotos and pictures, because you can delete the account in the Instagram in a few minutes by pressing a few buttons, and you can not restore it. Think several times before performing the above steps, it is possible that you will only need to delete the images. This advice is related to the fact that after deleting the profile for re-registration it will be impossible to use either the e-mail to which the remote account was registered or the same user name.

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