How to delete entries on the wall "vKontakte"? Tips and Tricks

how to delete records on the wall vkontakte
Each participant of the social network "vKontakte" inmainly conducts an active activity within the network. His life is full of many events. As a result, a large number of friends, communities and spam appear on the wall over time, meaning the wall looks like a trash can. Therefore, many people have a question about how to delete entries on the wall "vKontakte."

Developers sotsseti not installed in the systemcleaning the walls. It is possible only to manually delete messages, but with the help of special scripts you can quickly and easily remove entries from the wall "vKontakte." Let's consider this issue in more detail.

How to delete entries on the wall "vKontakte"? Popular ways

In the Mozilla Firefox browser there is a specialAn additional utility called Greasemonkey. You can download it from the Internet project of the browser. The utility allows you to place on the pages a special javascript code.

"In contact" "my messages" can be deleted using a special free program vkbot.

remove entries from the vkontakte wall

How to delete entries on the wall "vKontakte" with vkbot?

  1. After the program is downloaded to a personalPC, you need to create a folder on your computer and transfer the file there. This is necessary because the program has several features. It is not installed. After opening it, it creates several more files.
  2. Now the program needs to be started. After start-up, enter your login and password for your account "vKontakte" and click on the "Login" button.
  3. Go to the profile and select the item "Cleaning" in which we find "Manage personal messages."
  4. Now select "Delete incoming messages". After that, a window opens. In it, the program asks you to confirm the action. We agree, and after that the process of deleting messages begins. Below, near the tray, you can see the number of deleted messages.
  5. After the deletion, we do the same, but first we need to select the "Manage personal messages" box. There you need to select "Delete sent messages".

So, if you use the vkbot program, the question of how to delete entries on the "vKontakte" wall disappears by itself. Everything happens simply and quickly.

A few more important points

in contact my posts

But how useful is it to use suchapplications? The thing is that social network rules "vKontakte" do not allow any scripts and applications like vkbot to be used. The next important point that must also be taken into account is security.

The safest way

Proceeding from the foregoing, the most logical anda reliable way of how to delete entries on the wall "vKontakte" is to delete messages manually. This is easy to do. You need to move the cursor to the upper right corner of the desired message and click on the cross. This method is considered the safest.

If the wall "vKontakte" very quickly clogs upall sorts of garbage, you can make it easier to clean. To do this, you must set the necessary settings in the social network itself. Go to the settings and find a tab there called "Privacy." In it we find the point about someone who has the right to leave notes here. It is necessary to put "just me". After that, only your records will be on the wall. They can be very easily removed if necessary.

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