Which Browser is Best?

Programs for viewing web pages, that isbrowsers, there are many. Burned users, who managed to work with most of them, of course, have long decided which browser is better. By "better" in this case it is necessary to understand "better for each of them". Because if you address them with such a question, everyone categorically calls a particular browser, and with foam at the mouth will prove that it is he who is the best. And every computer genius will, naturally, call different browsers. Try to understand the unsophisticated user!

In general, the browser today is one of thea fundamental program, without which neither digital professionals nor the weakest users can think of life. Without the Internet today it is simply impossible neither to live nor work. This is the surest way to obtain information. Absolutely any. And from a wide variety of sources. In addition, this is the fastest way - it takes literally a few minutes to "extract" information. No library can compete with the Internet today.

So, conclusion number one - there are a lot of browsers and each of them is good in its own way. Everyone decides which browser is best for him. The choice, as a rule, is made on the basis of personal preferences and peculiarities of using the programs.

The most popular browsers - this Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Among Internet users, a survey was conducted on the topic "Which browser is better to use". Popularity of browsers on its results is as follows.

  • Internet Explorer - 41.56%
  • Fire Fox - 28,71%
  • Chrome - 11.75%
  • Safari - 9.26%
  • Others - 4,47%
  • Opera - 4.25%

Most readers who are already using some kind of browser, immediately start to resent: well, how is it? Is the Opera worse Safari? Here and no! I like her more! We agree. Yet again We draw attention to the subjective nature of these estimates. Choose you. We will try to give an objective description of each program, so that you can understand the differences between them and make your own choice.

Remark for clarification

The popularity rating does not really showwhat Internet browser is better, and what programs people use. At the same time, the program used is called the "best" because others simply do not know and they have nothing to compare.

As for Internet Explorer, this browserobjectively, perhaps the worst. The popularity of the survey is due to the fact that it is installed with Windows. Many do not even know that there are more convenient programs and use the default Explorer.

By downloading speed and opening the start page browsers can be ranked as follows:

  • 14.0 Fire fox
  • 10.6 Safari
  • 8.5 IE
  • 8.1 Chrome
  • 7,1 Opera

By speed of change of pages the order is somewhat different:

  • 7.8 Safari
  • 7.4 IE
  • 7.3 Opera
  • 7.0 Chrome
  • 6.4 Fire fox

One of the main parameters that you pay attention to when selecting a browser is functional. Which browser is better in this case?

Clear leader on this indicator is Firefox. And the weakest link is Internet Explorer, in which no plugins, extensions, etc. are implemented.

Prior to version 11, very weak in this respect was Opera, which did not support the expansion. Now these defects are corrected by the developers.

By the criterion of safety (that is, according to program failures thatcan make data available from your computer for other users), browsers are ranked (to reduce the degree of reliability from greater to less) as follows:

  • Opera
  • FireFox
  • Internet Explorer
  • rest

The security of Opera is explained by the relatively small degree of its use. While the giants of Internet Explorer and FireFox are often attacked by evil computer geniuses.

Now you can do some more or lessobjective conclusions. It is difficult to say unequivocally which browser is better. Perhaps the most optimal solution for those who have not yet decided on the choice of the browser is Opera - fast, convenient and reliable enough. Try it. If you do not like it, there are still a lot of options.

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