We understand how to clean the wall "VKontakte"

When creating a profile in a social network, yousuppose that you will exchange information there, correspond with friends and subscribers both in private messages and in public. For the best functioning of your page, let's consider such problems, for example, how to clean the wall "VKontakte", delete the message, make a publication on the friends wall, make the wall closed, get rid of spam.

how to clean the wall in contact
"VKontakte" - one of the popular networks of runet,which has an available configuration and tools service. There is a possibility of thematic communication through groups and communities, as well as the creation of events. Through the news feed, you track the actions of friends and content groups in which you are a member. The entry on the wall "VKontakte" is a place for posting interesting pictures, public messages. Along with the recording, you can publish a photo, audio and video recording, graffiti, a note, a document, a survey, a map. If in a community where you have subscribed to news, or if there is information in the group that you want to share, you can put it on your wall. To do this, in the news feed under the desired content, click "share", in the window that opens, select "friends and subscribers" and the publication will appear on your page. Thus, when choosing an audience, you can share with subscribers of your community, and send interesting notes with a personal message. If the material that you published, you do not like, then you can always delete it - clean the wall. "In Contact" publications on the page, as well as messages are deleted.

clean the wall in contact

How to clean the wall "VKontakte"

To delete some or all of the entries on the wall,you need to click the corresponding button next to the publication. This is very important when users leave your publication on the wall, whose messages can be regarded as spam. In this case, when deleting an entry, you also mark "This is spam". The special service of the social network monitors such sort of deletions and takes measures in relation to the profiles of these users.

To delete a message, select the itemmenu in the "My Messages" contact. In the open dialog box, select the one of the interlocutors whose message you want to delete, then mark it and select the desired option. It's the same as cleaning the wall.

writing on the wall in contact
"In contact" you can adjust the settings of the wall. To do this, select the menu item "My settings", in the "General" tab, find the desired function and put the necessary checkmark. To make the wall closed, you need to adjust the settings in the "Privacy" tab. If you note that only you can leave entries on your wall, then there will not be a question about how to clean the wall in contact from spam - all publications will be only yours. You can get rid of not only obsessive publications, but also enter unwanted profiles in the black list. To do this and relieve yourself of annoying contacts, in the settings you need to select the appropriate tab and add a user name or a link to his page.

Customize your page "VKontakte" so that you receive only positive emotions from communicating with your friends, publications and comments.

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