Exchange crypto currency Poloniex: how to withdraw money?

Today, trade in crypto-currencies is developingrapidly, and, accordingly, services for working with them are gaining more and more users. The Polonix exchange is not an exception. Despite the fact that the interface of the site does not have a Russian version, Russian users have long taken note of it. It is not difficult to register and conduct trade there, but what to do next? How to get earned?

poloniex how to withdraw money

Undoubtedly, many users are interested inthe question of how to withdraw money from the Poloniex exchange. In fact, making a translation from this resource is very easy. Nevertheless, direct withdrawal of funds is impossible. That currency, which is available on this exchange, is tied to the dollar and its rate, but users from Russia can not withdraw money through a direct transaction. You will need special services.

If you have some currency on the Internet, for cashing you will need one of these methods:

  • Exchange currency in Poloniex in BTC, and then cash it in any ways available for bitcoins.
  • You can translate into the air or output directly through foreign functionals.

It is difficult to determine which method is better, since at different rates everything happens in different ways.

How in Poloniex to withdraw money using bitcoins

This is the most convenient and popular way: for example, the translation of the air or other currency into bitcoin, and then cashing through special services.

how to withdraw money from poloniex

If you withdraw money to Bitcoin c Poloniex inseveral services, it is worthwhile to focus on the most profitable rate. If you have accumulated another currency, simply translate it into the Exchange section on the BTC. When withdrawing money from Poloniex, a certain amount (that is, a commission) is charged, it is 0.00001 BTC per transaction. Accordingly, the cost of the minimum transaction (the amount of withdrawal) should be greater than this commission. It is best not to transfer the whole amount at once, but to do it gradually, choosing the most optimal exchange rate.

How to deduce the obtained bitcoins

So, you got to figure out how to withdraw money to Poloniex, and you managed to get a crypto currency. How to make further exchange or transfer?

how to withdraw money from poloniex to a card

To date, the following opportunities are known, by means of which it is possible to bring BTC to other values:

  • you can transfer bitcoins to the card of Sberbank or any other bank;
  • make a transfer to the purse Qiwi;
  • withdraw the bitcoins into the Yandex Money service.

How to find the right exchanger?

Depending on your choice of how to displaymoney with Poloniex through the crypto currency, you must find the exchange resource that suits you. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of such a service, check the name of the site you selected in the rating list of scammers. The list of exchangers working honestly is quite large, so it's worth mentioning only the most famous and often used ones.

So, if you withdraw funds through Tytcoin,The minimum transaction is 0.04 BTC. For this reason, this service does not seem to be the best option for how to withdraw money to Poloniex. However, the exchanger offers a very advantageous system of accumulating discounts. Also you can withdraw money on X-pay. Here the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.003 BTC. There is also an excellent system of discounts, and the service transfers funds to the account of such banks as Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank.

how to withdraw money from the poloniex exchange

Talking about how to withdraw money from Poloniex oncard, you should pay attention to such a service as "50cent". It allows you to make a transfer to the cards of Sberbank or VTB, and the minimum transaction is 0.03 BTC. In any case, choose an exchanger where you will be offered more money for 1 BTC, and register on the site to receive a discount. This is also relevant for services that specialize in how to withdraw money Poloniex to Qiwi.

How to carry out such an operation?

When you have decided on the exchange service,open the dashboard in the Poloniex interface, then find the "Balance" tab. Then go to the sub-menu Deposits & Withdrawals, then go to the list of crypto-currencies and select bitcoin, click on Withdrawals. In a new window, a form appears in which you need to specify the amount of the output. It will be written off of your account and, of course, will count some commission. The amount of the transaction will be indicated in the Total box, it will be calculated automatically. The next column will indicate the amount of the commission.

How to pass the transfer

After you have all filled out, you can payact. The intermediary service provides the contacts of your wallet. You need to copy it to the address bar to transfer funds to Poloniex. After that, click the Withdraw icon. This was the last action for payment, now you can make an exchange.

 poloniex how to withdraw money for qiwi

On this instruction, explaining how to deducemoney in Poloniex, ends. Expect the transfer of funds. The time of the transfer is different for all exchangers. It is likely that the Poloniex Exchange makes the transfers instantly, but the exchangers have manual processing of orders, and not automatic, which takes some time. Also, the transfer time depends on the day of the week, the bank, the currency of withdrawal, etc. The waiting period is from several hours to several days.

What else you need to remember?

Do not forget that the commission is also charged andsite-exchanger. On the main page of the selected resource, you need to select the currency that you give and which you want to receive, for example, rubles to MasterCard. Next, you need to specify your initials, then the bank card details, phone number and withdrawal amount. If you plan to withdraw the amount of about $ 2,000 per day, then you will need verification, and if not, then this procedure is not required at all. If you go to high speed, you need to provide the exchange information about yourself, as well as copies of identity documents. Limitations for withdrawal will be removed only after checking all the information you provided.

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