How to delete all records from the wall "VK"?

How to delete all entries from the VC wall
In social networks we spend a lottime. There we can communicate, transfer any files, listen to music, watch movies. What is the most popular social network for today? Of course, this is the "VKontakte" site. It has an accessible and understandable interface and is constantly updated with new updates. The functionality of the site is quite wide: you can block unwanted persons, divide your friends into categories, make video calls and so on. The users of the social network constantly have questions about the use of the site, one of them: "How to delete all entries from the wall" VK "?" In this article, we will discuss this in detail.

What is a wall?

Wall on the site "VKontakte" - this is the place where youand visitors to your page can leave notes, pictures, pictures, comment on each other's statements and much more. It is located on the main page and is most striking. With the development of the site, the functionality of the wall, like many components of VKontakte, grew. Any user can draw something on the wall (the service resembles

Removing entries from the wall
all known program "Paint"), lay outdocuments, send music, video, share a link. But here is one little reservation: of course, not every person has such rights. In the privacy settings of your account, you can independently indicate who will be available to view the wall, and to whom you allow to contribute to the wall any information.

Entries on the wall

The number of entries on the wall is completely unlimited. However, at any time, you can delete what you do not need or are outdated. How to delete all records from the wall "VK"? Everything is very simple:

  1. We go to the main page of the site.
  2. We find the wall. In order to remove records from the wall "VK", we need to move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the inscription and press the cross ("X").
  3. Done! The entry was deleted. If suddenly you deleted the wrong record or changed your mind, then you can click on the appeared "Restore" line.

Unfortunately, at the moment, according to site rulesyou can not delete all messages from the wall at once, you will have to "destroy" them one at a time. Conveniently this or vice versa, it is difficult to say. The site administration argues that if the page is hacked, it will be difficult for an attacker to delete all records and use the account for their own purposes. If it is important for you to remove the entire wall, then it will have to be done step by step.

Delete all messages from the wall
Hide the wall from unwanted visitors is very simple:

  1. Go to the "My Settings" section.
  2. In the horizontal menu, select "General".
  3. Find the "Wall Settings". Here you can turn off commenting of records and make only your notes available for viewing. Messages from other users will only be visible to you.

In this article, we talked about how to removeAll entries from the wall "VKontakte" and perform its configuration. You will only have to delete the messages yourself. Perhaps later the administration of the site will make concessions to users and the question of how to remove all records from the wall "VC", will no longer arise.

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