How to include actual photos "VKontakte": recommendations

Despite withdrawal from the company "VKontakte" histhe main ideologist and concurrently the founder of Paul Durov, the employees of the corporation continue to do everything to make the users of this popular social network comfortable to surf the service spaces, communicate with friends, watch videos and photos, and listen to music - spend time in the social network "VKontakte".

actual photos vkontakte how to include

Current photos

One of the tools that give usersquick access to new information (in particular to photos) are actual photos. Accordingly, many users are interested in the question: how to include actual photos of "VKontakte"? In this article, you will just find out the answer to it. Moreover, get additional recommendations on how to view new content in this social network.

What are they?

Actual photos are a function of "VKontakte"which automatically provides the user a selection of photos. This selection is made on the basis of those accounts with which he interacted: visited pages, put likes or reposts. It should be taken into account that the current photos do not include materials from groups and public communities.

It is displayed as a regular tape in the toppart of the screen in the "News" section, that's why it's quite simple to find out the answer to the question about how to look at actual photos of "VKontakte" - just open the materials of this tape and start flipping. It should be noted that the tape can not contain more than two hundred photographs.

Actual photos in new vkontakte how to include

How can I include topical "VKontakte" photos?

The fact is that the tool "Actualphotos »works according to a special algorithm. It is impossible to turn them on independently. The system itself will give a selection of actual photos after the user has not been on the Web for more than two hours.

Now you know how to include actual photos of "VKontakte".

Although in fact many users suchThe idea with timing is not pleasant at all. They would like to choose their own when they view a stream of current photos. And this position has the right to life. It is hoped that the developers will listen to the wishes of users and come up with a new way to view the tape of current photos.

The user himself can see photos that arelaid out his friends and publics, as well as the public communities to which he signed. You can do it in the "News" section, by going to the "Photos" subsection (you can find it right at the top of the tape). It is worth noting that the sources from which updates will come (photos in particular) can be adjusted by filtering. This function appeared in the VKontakte system for a long time.

Sources can be viewed on the right in the upper corner of the "News" section, by clicking on the small trowel / flashlight / brush icon from the vacuum cleaner - all have different associations. It is next to the plus sign.

By the way, learn how to include topicalphotos in the new "VKontakte" (meaning a new design) is also very simple. This is also done automatically by the social network system itself, and the user does not need anything.

how to see actual photos vkontakte

The result

Now you know how to include topicalphotos "VKontakte", as well as how to work with them on a new design of a social network, which, by the way, is applied by default for a long time already, and hardly anyone has not had time to get used to it.

Also, thanks to this article, you learned how to interact with the sources of your content information and with the tape recommendations from your friends and the public communities to which you are subscribed.

And it's not difficult to do it all. After all, the interface of the social network is intuitively understandable, and difficulties in navigation are unlikely to arise.

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