How to pay with PayPal: tips and tricks

Now buying goods through the Internet is verypopular. First, it's convenient and fast. Secondly, there is no need to go anywhere. Thirdly, prices in online stores are usually lower than in conventional ones. And security is guaranteed by the reputation of a network resource. It is for this reason that it is recommended to use exchanges and shops with a well-known name.

how to pay via paypal
Most of these sites are pre-paid,offering to implement it according to a scheme that is convenient for the client. More often than others the PayPal system is used, as the most fast, clear and safe. This service is available to any holder of a payment bank card. It is used mainly by foreign exchanges and shops. Therefore, before you buy something on eBay or another resource, you need to figure out how to pay through PayPal.

Detailed instructions are usually presented on onefrom the pages of the store itself. That's only it can be in English, which complicates the task. So we have to master this science to people independently, we can say, on an intuitive level.

how to pay via paypal

Where to begin?

Before you pay for goods through PayPal,you must register in the system. In principle, the resource allows you to perform certain actions without it (as a "guest"), but having your own account, the user will feel confident and will be much easier to make a payment. The link to the PayPal site is on the page of each store that uses this resource.

How to tighten your accounts?

After registration, the user adds a listcards, from which money will be withdrawn. At the same time, a symbolic amount is written off from each account in support of its real existence and the possibility of payment (it will be returned back several days later). You can add both real plastic cards, and virtual (they are usually opened just for the calculations via the Internet). At the same time, the account currency does not play a special role, if it is different from the recipient, the funds will be converted.

how to pay for goods via paypal
Before you pay for your purchase through PayPal,the user must be authorized and select a card. It is with her in the future and will be written off the required amount. Those who do not know how to pay through PayPal, and do not want to learn this service, can try to perform the operation directly from the card. However, this is possible only if the service is supported by the resource. For example, one of the leaders in Internet sales, eBay does not offer such alternatives.

After completing the transaction, the client receivesthe corresponding message, and it only remains to wait for the delivery of the goods. Everything is simple and quite convenient. Complete information on the card does not need to be entered every time before you pay through PayPal. The procedure is carried out only once, when it is registered in the system. In the future, you should only choose a variant from the existing list or confirm the proposed one.

Additional services

After the client has masteredelementary actions in the system, he can use additional services. One of the most popular is credit. The service is available only to authorized users with a certain level of reputation and allows you to buy goods with payment for it for the agreed time. This is very useful during seasonal sales. Those who know how to pay through PayPal and use this service, it is much easier to make purchases in online stores.

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