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The World Wide Web makes it possible to find a largenumber of interpretations of the terms "domain", "domain name", "server domain". It is very easy for a newcomer to get confused as to what is relevant. In simple words, the domain of informatics defines as the website address, a special zone that has its own unique name. It can consist of letters, numbers, and a hyphen. Length - from 2 to 63 characters. Let's figure it out in more detail.

How does the Internet work? Domain: Definition

Each individual computer has an IP. It consists of some string of numbers. To find a resource on the Internet, you need to know the address of the server on which it is located.

domain in computer science is

At the same time on the same server can beseveral different sites. To facilitate the search, make it more understandable for people, a system of domain names was created (translation from English DNS - Domain Name System). These are programs that convert the characters you invented into digital values ​​and vice versa. The server memory contains tables in which each IP address corresponds to each individual address. In other words, the domain in informatics is the addressing system.

So, you put the resource on the server andyou bind it to IP using DNS servers. Each time you enter a page address in the browser's search bar, the DNS service understands which digital value it refers to, and which resource you need to show. The science of computer science identifies a domain name with such concepts as "domain site address" and "domain name server". They are equivalent.

Top-level domain

Any address has several parts that are betweenare separated by dots. They carry the names of domains of different levels, the number of which usually amounts to two or three (otherwise the site can be inconvenient for the user). The most right field is the top-level domain (or domain zone).

domain is in computer science example

All such addresses can be conditionally divided into two types:

  • National (or geographical). Show which country the domain belongs to (this is in computer science). Example: .ru - Russian Federation, .ua - Ukraine.
  • Are common. Are determined by belonging to a special category. Example: .info - information resource, .biz - site for business, .edu - educational, .com - commercial, .org - non-profit, .travel - tourist.

Second level domain

For example, the site has a second-level domain name. As you already know, .ru is the top-level address. The resource name (primer-net) is on the second place from the end of the full name. The main difference of the address is that it must be unique. In other words, the World Wide Web can only have one site named

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You can get the address from the registrar companies. All rights to own a second-level domain will be issued for a limited time, and it must be renewed annually.

Third-level domain

The three-level domain in computer science is the address,which is obtained if you add a word through the dot before the previous domain (second level). Also called subdomain. You can register it with companies that have second-level addresses. Its owner can create several subdomains. For example, in the zone the third-level domain name will be or

What is hosting?

Hosting is the place where physicallyresource is located. You can buy it from companies that specialize in providing sites. Hosting providers put the site on a server that has everything you need for this software. Usually companies take on technical support for hosting and server administration.

domain is in computer science

If you want to purchase a hosting and domain, hasmeaning to buy them in one place. Quickly solve all the problems associated with the site, will allow that technical support of the resource will be carried out by employees of one company. In addition, if you host hosting from the provider, it can offer a discount on the purchase of a domain or even give it away for free as a gift.

Companies offer a variety of tariffs for websitesany subject and workload, and also register domains in different zones. All you need to do is choose a provider, pay a tariff, learn the interface of the hosting provider's website and start using your resource.

How to choose a domain name?

The domain in computer science is much more thanjust the site identifier. Some popular pages with only one address can tell the user about the topic of the resource, provide him with information about the quality of work and the level of information. Beginning site owners make a serious mistake, without giving enough time to think through the address. The visitor can get confused in the variety of typical, similar domain names. Your site should be recognizable.

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Thinking over the title, decide on theresource assignment. Why do you create a website? Will this be a personal page or corporate resource? In the first case, it will be enough to combine your name and surname, in the second variant the company name can be the address. Correctly choose the address of the top level. If your goods and services are directed at a Russian buyer, do not register in the .com, .net or .org zone. The information provided on the sites of these domain zones is intended primarily for residents of English-speaking countries.

If the domain name is busy

Many addresses are already occupied by numerouscompanies, a huge number of sites are registered online every day, so finding a good domain name is becoming increasingly difficult. If you picked up the perfect name for the resource, but it's busy, do not rush to sound the alarm.

  1. Think of a different name. Make sure that all letters fit together, avoid inconsistent combinations. Check that written English words do not contain errors - this will not do good to your resource. A domain is (in computer science) a business card of your company.
  2. Select another zone. Most of the most popular addresses on the Russian Internet are in the .ru zone. Check, possibly, the domain of your future site is free in other zones. You can do this with the help of the verification and registration service, which can be found on the Web.
  3. Take up buying. Sometimes domains are redeemed, and when you enter the address in the line, you are redirected to the website of the ISP. You can buy a domain. The price depends on the popularity and potential effectiveness of the name.
  4. Wait until the address is clear. Sometimes they can be exhibited at special auctions and trading floors.

domain definition

So, the domain in computer science is a uniqueThe combination of symbols of the Latin alphabet, which allows you to find a specific site among a huge number of others. He is the visiting card of the company, determines the activity of the site, and also tells the visitor about the resource. The first idea about the site of the visitor is formed when he sees the address of the page.

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