"ValdBeries" (online store): customer reviews

In addition to things like electronic goods, souvenirsand gifts, people started buying even clothes and shoes over the Internet. This seems somewhat uncomfortable process, because in fact a person needs to try on a particular product, look at it live, hold it in his hands.

Thanks to the service in some stores theseactions can be replaced by similar ones on-line. For example, to describe each model, a lot of photo and video material is done, and a person can try on this or that thing at home. In the event that something does not work, he can always return the goods through the courier.

Valdberies online store reviews

Buying clothes and shoes online

Today, the web operates a lot of online stores,offering shoes and clothes for every taste and purse. Firstly, it makes it possible to form a large assortment. Thus, the buyer, simply put, has plenty to choose from. Secondly, due to the absence of the need to pay rent, as real shops do, Internet supermarkets have the opportunity to set a lower price for their goods and thereby attract even more customers. Thirdly, the process of selecting things on the Web is also very convenient. Just remember these tiresome shopping trips lasting a few hours, and you'll understand what to buy on the Internet - very much even nothing.

Of course, there is a huge amount ofstores, but in this article we will pay attention to one that seems quite interesting. This "ValdBerius" - an online store with a huge selection of different products available at low prices. From the article you will find out what exactly is offered here, whether it is worth buying, and what kind of feedback people leave about this shop.

Valdberies online store

WildBerries store: assortment

So, let's start with what you can choose. On the main page of the store's website, at the top of it, we can see the categories of products. There is everything: shoes and clothes, jewelry products, souvenirs and gifts, electronics, toys, books. In addition, there is a convenient navigation by category, which are broken down according to the brands (producers) of this or that product. Thanks to such navigation and structuring of "ValdBerius" - an online store (reviews about it will be given a little further on the text), which can be confidently called quite comfortable for the buyer.

Valdberies online shop

On the pages of the selection of goods here, too, everythingquite well thought out - the user has the opportunity to view photos of things, read reviews of other customers about a particular product and, of course, order it by choosing the appropriate size. About this - further.

How to order?

"ValdBeries" - an online store, feedback about whichare available as a reasonably well-designed and functional resource aimed at creating comfort for the client. This can be seen in all the details, even in the fields for ordering. Although here, as in all other shops, there are the same opportunities - the registration form, the "Basket", the contact details of the client, - the feedback service is pleased. "ValdBerius" (an online store, whose reviews are characterized by it as quite progressive in terms of support) has a special button for ordering the call. And, it would seem, this is not surprising ... But if you press it, you will be immediately called back and will answer any arising question. Really, a trifle, but nice.

If you are not sure of some question, feel free tocontact the representatives of the site and clarify. Then specify your contact information, choose the delivery method and place an order. In fact, it is very simple to implement, if you chose "ValdBerius" (online store). Customer reviews confirm this fact.

"Valdburyes" online store bags

How to pay for purchases?

Perhaps you already have a question about howthe buyer can transfer the money. With this in general, everything is very simple. "ValdBeries" (an online store, feedback about which we are interested) uses for the reception of payments the widest list of various systems and electronic currencies. It's like classic methods: cash payment at the point of self-delivery, through courier and bank transfer, and more comfortable: payment by cards, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and PayPal.

Accordingly, when making a return of goods, it is necessarytake into account one feature. You can learn it by studying the rules of the shop. "ValdBerius" is an online store that can make a refund if the item does not suit you. Obviously, the money will be sent in the same way as they were transferred from the buyer to the store.

Return of things

By the way, since we started talking about the possibility of returningsomething that does not fit, raise this topic and reveal it in more detail. We have already noted above what a wide range of products ValdBerius has - an online store. Bags, shoes, clothes, toys and more - everything is sold here. And, in spite of this, the "safe" principle operates under the rules of return. This means that it is necessary that the thing be in a commodity form, that is, it had all the tags, labels and was whole physically.

"Valdberies" online toy store

As for the reasons for the return, it can be: defect, factory marriage; wrong size; a bundle that does not match the one declared on the site; color, different from the description in the description.

Therefore, although "ValdBeries" - online storetoys, clothes, shoes and much more, you can return it all by a single algorithm: by contacting the point of self-delivery, calling the courier representing the company, and also sending the item by mail.

Customer Reviews

We saw that WildBerries is a store whereavailability of a large range of products, low prices are presented, a good customer support service. In general, the picture on this service looks good, is not it? Now take a look at the reviews that the buyers left about this shop, and find out what bothers them in this store.

There are several problems. The first, and probably one of the most common, is, of course, a return. The procedure itself, for obvious reasons, is unpleasant - the buyer is forced to return the thing after paying it. But, as the reviews say, store representatives are not always ready to do this. Often they refer to the fact that the thing does not correspond to the declared characteristics when selling, is damaged or can not be returned for other reasons.

The second problem is the quality of the product and itssizes at time of purchase. Customers complain that they sometimes send Chinese counterfeits instead of the original products from well-known brands. For example, sells "ValdBeries" (online store) down jackets (size 46-48, female). You, when ordering such a thing, expect that it is produced in Europe, has excellent quality, and, accordingly, it will be good to be worn. But in fact it is China, which will serve only one season. Do you understand what is the matter?

How to buy and not make a mistake?

"Valdberies" online store down jackets size 46 48 female

Of course, among the reviews of buyers were andother reasons for discontent, but these are the most common. How to deal with them? When buying something, always pay attention to the equipment and description of the goods. All colors and characteristics must coincide, any trifle plays a role. And when choosing a thing, always read the reviews. So you will be informed how good the product is, and whether it is worth buying.

Successful shopping!

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