Popular instagram filters: description, effects and recommendations

Free Instagram program was bornin San Francisco. The project is working and thriving since 2010. At the moment, many users of social networks admire the instagram. It became easier to share with friends various events from your life. And to make them brighter help the filters instagrama.

Beautiful photo without photoshop

insagram filters

Interesting photo editor with a lot of filters - herethat zest thanks to which the instagram develops. Today, millions of users use this application daily. Through it there are terabytes of photographs of very different content: from footprints and food users to professional nature photos. And even the most ordinary shot can be made a masterpiece of the art of photography, using built-in filters. Not everyone knows how to apply them correctly. Each filter is different in its note of color and options for its use. Any photo can be made unique, adding more light by distributing shadows, or simply correcting an unsuccessful shot.

Frequently used filters

prism istagram filter


This is not a filter at all. Showing the natural colors of your photo. If you tried the popular instragma filters, but not one effect suited your taste, then Normal is exactly what you were looking for.


Black and white are favorite colors. Well, together they give a chic picture of what is happening in the picture. Plus, the combination of light and shadows offers a great advantage in applying this effect. The picture becomes clearer and more contrast.


Often users of instagram try to hide the edges of the photo. Hefe is great for this. He darkens them, attracting attention to the center and giving it a rich color enhancement.


The filter is pretty standard. Also understands with shadows and sates the photo with light. Particularly well collaborates with portrait shots, since it highlights the center.


Not everyone needs sharpness in the picture. A popular filter in the instagram reduces it and veils with pink tones. The picture becomes expressive, but not too contrast. It is used to make the romantic mood of the photo and on the pictures of nature looks very natural.


Tenderness and warmth please the eye, shadows and light give birth to new original effects. Saturation and yellowness tone suitable for both portrait and landscape.


Purple has always been beautifully combined with other colors and tones. And with the use of this filter, the picture looks a bit "outdated", it becomes bright in the center, and around the edges it dims.

Color Game

popular insagram filters


Guaranteed brownish hues in the photo, smooth color transitions, bronze flashes. The image looks vintage, qualitatively aged.


This filter adds blue shades to the photo andDefocus the central part. There is a change in the range of colors, cold tones prevail. The processing of photos is thus applied to urban landscapes.


Aggressive red tones enhance the contrast of the image and artificially age it. Nstagram filters help to achieve the desired effect, in this case - vintages.

Notots of a bright life

new filters for instagram


Sometimes it looks beautiful old photos. So, this filter slightly "ages" the photo and softens the colors with warm shades. Architecture and various unusual objects after such processing look at the photo much better.

X-pro II

Saturation and excessive brightness make this filter special. It stands out with high contrast and vintage. The streets, people, landscapes - it will all look juicy and bright.


For too-contrast photos, you can selectthis effect. Thanks to it the contrast decreases, but at the same time the exposure of the frame is increased, and the center is highlighted. There are not enough clouds in the sky? Filters instagram to help. Sierra makes the picture slightly faded, as if it was taken off in cloudy weather. Processing is suitable for photo nature, as it immediately appears an atmosphere of appeasement and warm soft shades.


Black and white effect is a fashion trend. However, instead of highlighting shadows and light, it makes the picture more opaque. The same pictures were with our grandmothers. The only difference is that they could not apply any effect to it.

Favorite photo effects

popular filter in instagramme


Allows you to create photos in a "foggy" style. Gives smokiness and blur, highlights the foreground and works with light shades. Evening landscapes with such an effect are fascinating.


Enhances the green tone and brightens the shadows. Light green tones will be interesting to look on the spring pictures or a photo of the summer surf.


Photo effect makes especially warm photo tones,shades are shifted to yellow. The image is filled with a soft golden glow, which envelops literally every corner. Such instragma filters help to hide small skin imperfections. This filter is recommended for processing close-up photos.


The most popular insagram filter. He adds a bright light to the picture. It gives a festive mood of the photo, the image becomes more contrast, but the colors in the center are better. If there is a desire to stylize the picture "under the 90", you should pay attention to the Amaro. By the way, the darker the photo itself, the more visible the effect will be.


You can saturate the color of the photo usingit is this effect. The contrast of the shadows is diluted, and the depth of the picture, the sharpness of the contours, is manifested. Share a snapshot of your breakfast, lunch or dinner with Lo-fi.

New filters for instagrama

the most popular insagram filter


Many are familiar with the sepia effect, but withan improved view can be found in the instagram. The picture "fades" before our eyes. Retro lovers may be interested in the effect of darkened edges and imitation of gold.


"Contrast" is a word that is as accurate as possibledescribes this filter. Soft gray color ennobles such a powerful effect and gives the image a metallic sheen. In the 80's would appreciate the beautiful deep colors of the photo.


It's not always gloomy that can be a decorationphotos, but if you want to achieve this effect, this filter exists. It complements the purple and brown shadows, enabling the picture to reveal its dark essence. Beautifully looks on the photo from Halloween, for example.


The softness of the photo is achieved by fading and adding a purple glow. If there are many important small elements in the picture, this is fine. The effect will emphasize their importance and highlight the brightness.


Lovers of yellow and bright. A two-in-one filter - the sunny tones create joyful contrasts in summer photographs.

Filter "Prism" - instagram brings to beauty

Prisma is an attempt to touch art,and make this art your own photo. Surely many dreamed of this function, and now there are new filters that work quickly and efficiently. Every second has already filled in the photos with this effect and collects a lot of likes.

Requires careful selection of a photo filter"Prism". Instagram allows you to process any photo, but to achieve the best effect, you'll have to try. The abundance of light or, conversely, its lack will not make your picture beautiful, and even more so it can not attract the attention of subscribers.


So, apparently, the application "Instagram"offers a huge selection of filters for a variety of purposes. Each user will certainly determine the set of their favorite. It's great that developers with new software updates add fresh, interesting filters. The main thing is to understand how they are best used.

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