How to leave the conversation in the "Contact"? Algorithm of actions

Social network "VKontakte" provides a widea spectrum of opportunities that increases with each month. Now we can not only communicate with the help of a social network, but also view audio and video, create your own groups, download interesting files and make new friends. Communication provides an opportunity to communicate not only through correspondence, but also using video communication. At any time you can create correspondence not only with one person, but also with a group of interests. The conversation became a common form of communication. Let's figure out how to get out of the boring conversation in "Kontakte"?


Any contact in "Contact" can be created by anyuser. This form of communication is convenient for discussing interesting questions by a group of users. Now, in order to talk about the material of interest, it is not necessary to join groups or send the same messages to several people - you can just create a conversation.

To do this, go to the "Messages" tab. At the top right you will see a link to the item "Write messages".

After going through this link you will have the opportunity to choose the person you are talking to. You can add an unlimited number of users to a new dialog.

how to get out of the conversation

If you did not add one of the participants andremembered about it later, click on the "Add" button. Increase the number of participants in the conversation at any time, regardless of when the dialogue was created.

Before creating a conversation, specify its name and write an invitation message.

How to leave the conversation "VC"?

Very often, users invite us toDiscussions that we are not interested. If we do not get out of them, we receive messages from all users who have entered the discussion. In order for this not to happen, let's figure out how to leave the conversation in the "Contact."

how to leave a conversation in a conversation

Are you a member of a conversation that does not interest you? What to do? How to leave the conversation in the "Contact"? How to stop receiving messages from members? In order to stop the undesirable process, we enter the "Actions" tab, which is on the right in the conversation.

how to get out of conversation VK

As we see, it is possible to add newinterlocutors, change the name, update the photo and view all the material. It does not interest us - we need to get out of the conversation. To do this, go down below and click on the "Leave conversation" button. After that we will need to confirm our actions.

how to leave a conversation

Press "Leave conversation" and enjoy the result - you will no longer receive messages from the participants.

Despite the fact that we have left the discussion, we can review the previous dialogues. Now it is clear how to get out of the conversation, but how to delete all the old dialogues from the participants?

To do this, go to the "Messages" and click on the cross, which is located to the right of the dialog.

As soon as you perform this action, you will need to confirm it.

how to leave a conversation in a conversation

Click "Delete". Now you can not view the material in this dialog.

How in the "contact" to leave the conversation for a couple of seconds?

In order not to participate in the discussion,which you are not interested in, go to the "Messages" and move to the conversation that interests us. Click on the cross, which is located to the right of the dialog, and delete the conversation.

to leave the conversation VK

In this way you can delete all correspondence,which took place to be. If the conversation has become inactive, this is an ideal option, but if the participants continue to communicate, you will receive new messages.


We hope, now you know exactly how to leave the conversation in the "Contact". The social network "VC" provides opportunities for unlimited communication and retrieval of information. Follow the latest news and spend your time in comfort.

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