Answers to the question of how to restrict access to your page "VKontakte"

how to restrict access to your vkontakte page

Pages on social networks make a profileuser open to search engines. So people on the Internet find each other, communicate from different parts of the globe, view photos and learn about changes in each other's lives. But sometimes it happens that you have to make your profile private. Then they are looking for the answer to this question: "How to restrict access to your page". "VKontakte" settings menu allows you to set parameters at your discretion. The restriction may be imposed on specific people, then they will not be able to access the page of those who have restricted access to them. You can also enable the view option only for your friends.

VKontakte profile settings

If you are looking for the answer to the question: "How to restrict access to your page" VKontakte "», now we will figure out how to do it. So, sign in to your social network account. On the left side of your page are the menu buttons. It is necessary to select the settings function, and in each tab, tick the appropriate place. The first tab is called "General." Here you can customize the interface of your page. Specify the links to the items that you most often use, adjust the wall. In this tab there are also options such as changing the password, phone number, page addresses. This tab is used to delete the "VKontakte" page. "My page", which you can always restore anew, is set up independently, taking into account your wishes regarding its functionality and publicity. You can fill it with everything you need, and also make it open to everyone or just for friends.

limited access to the page vkontakte

Let's move on to the next tab called"Privacy." Here you can make sure that access to the page is restricted. "VKontakte" for this are entered such options as defining the categories of users for the visibility of your profile. For example, mark those who can see the main: information about you, friends, communities, gifts, music and so on. Select the desired position at each point of this tab - and the page will respond to your requests.

Access limitation

If you want the search engines not togave out links to your profile, and also do not want, that the concrete person could look through it, it is necessary to adjust some more items. How can I restrict access to my page to a specific person? To solve this issue, the social network service suggests bringing this user to a certain list. Click the tab to create a black list in the settings menu, enter the page number or person name in the text box and click Add. How can I restrict access to my page "VKontakte" to Internet search engines? To do this, in the "Privacy" tab, at the very end of the options list, to the question: "Who can see the page?" - select only users of this social network.

my page restore

Thus, your profile will only be visible on VKontakte. Follow all the recommendations, and then you will rid yourself of unwanted visitors and obsessive communication.

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