Internet-shop of digital technology "Kotofoto": reviews, addresses, mode of operation

Choosing a quality electronic devicetoday often takes a very long time. Typically, this is due to the fact that any potential buyer seeks to get the goods as high as possible at the lowest possible cost. And this desire is understandable, however, unfortunately, it is far from always feasible. It would be right not to agree to the first proposal of a popular chain of electronics stores, but to analyze the alternatives that competitors can provide. After such a study, many people decide to buy in the online hypermarket "Kotofoto". Smartphones, tablets and other equipment here are sold at much lower prices. What is the difference between this store? What can be said about the quality of the products it sells? How do customers respond to the work of the store? All these nuances we will discuss in this article.

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About company

What is the "Kotophoto" store? The reviews call it an online hypermarket. Here you can find not only electronics, but many other relevant products. For all time of existence of the considered trading platform already huge quantity of people had time to use its services or even to become the constant clients of the given company. What is so attractive to "Kotophoto" (online store)? Let's consider further.

Discounted goods

Some do not dare to buy products from thisgroup, as they consider it insufficiently qualitative. What does the "discounted" clause actually mean? And how do the goods get into the group under consideration? Typically, this is the technique that has been for some time in the window of offline stores. It is completely serviceable and, in its characteristics and features of functioning, is not inferior not to the discounted goods. However, the appearance of such goods can be somewhat spoiled. For example, there may be small scratches or scuffs on the surface. Another reason why the product is being discounted is the extremely low demand for it. As practice shows, a significant reduction in the cost of the product evokes interest in it from potential buyers, which allows the company to earn some money on its sale.

To be afraid to buy a discounted product? It depends on what priorities you set for yourself in the process of choosing a product. If for you the functionality of the product is first, then safely make a decision in favor of this group of products. In this category are completely different types of goods. Therefore, many experienced users regularly review updated discounted products.

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What else attracts buyers in a special way?in the trade policy of the store "Kotofoto"? The goods of various groups and brands are regularly sold at a discount within the framework of a particular action. As a rule, its effect affects the products of either one category or one single brand. In parallel, several shares can be held for completely different goods. Therefore, those who closely follow the updates on the official website of the Internet hypermarket in question or receive information from their administration about discounts on e-mail as part of the general mailing can wait for the price reduction to affect the products they need and will be able to respond quickly, having time to acquire the coveted goods at low cost. The store "Kotofoto" does its best to make it possible for as many people as possible to enjoy and use its services. This can not but attract new customers.

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There are several methods available, using which, you can easily make cash for the goods you buy. So, among the most popular are the following:

  • Payment in cash (at the time of delivery by courier, in the offline store "Kotofoto", at the point of self-delivery of products).
  • Non-cash settlement with the formation of a special account for payment of purchases by bank transfer (used primarily by legal entities).
  • Payment by bank card directly on the website of the store.
  • To issue a consumer loan for the purchase of a certain product. This can be done on the Internet resource in question at the time of the formation of the order.

Within a short time after youplace an order for the order, at the phone number you specify, the store manager will contact you to confirm the order. In this conversation, you can specify the list of desired goods, you will be informed about the possibility of their delivery, and the final purchase price will be agreed. After that, the manager will specify at what time period it is best to arrive at the courier, so that it is convenient for you. Once all these points have been agreed, the order is sent to work, and you make payment and expect delivery.


There are several ways to getpurchased goods. The most popular is a pick-up from the store's office in your city. Why do many prefer it? You do not have to pay for self-export. And the delivery to the point of issue, as a rule, takes no more than two days. Thus, independently having called into the office of the company and taking away the purchase, you can save on delivery.

However, this is by no means the only availableoption. The courier can deliver the goods to you personally at any convenient time and place. This form of transportation is paid. For delivery in the city, you have to pay 249 rubles (500 rubles, if you want the delivery to be made after five o'clock in the evening), and for delivery outside the city - 500 rubles. Nevertheless, you pay for your comfort and for the time you saved. After all, now you can receive your purchases without breaking away from the usual business.

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Return and exchange

Return quality goods can only beIf you do not have time to use it. It must be carefully packed (the same as it was at the time of sale), nothing in the package should be broken. Such a product can be returned within fourteen days from the date of its sale. However, the legislation of the Russian Federation contains a list of goods that can not be returned, not because of marriage. Among them are:

  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Products for the treatment or prevention of various diseases.
  • Knitted and sewing products.
  • Perfumery.
  • Textile.
  • Products that are intended for contact with food.
  • Plants.
  • Animals.
  • Household chemicals.
  • Pesticides.
  • Jewelry.
  • Household furniture.
  • Non-periodical publications.
  • Sophisticated technically consumer goods.
  • Cars.

If you received a defective product, you cancontact the authorized service center or the seller for warranty repair of the product. A refund is possible only if the defect has arisen not because of the actions of the buyer, but also if it is stipulated in the technical conditions of operation of the device.



The assortment of products offered by the online store "Kotofoto", reviews are called unprecedentedly wide. For example, in the catalog the following categories of goods are presented:

  • Cameras.
  • Camcorders.
  • Smartphones.
  • Tablets.
  • Telephony.
  • Car goods.
  • Products for children.
  • Goods for home and interior.
  • Appliances.
  • Clock.
  • Goods for pets.
  • Goods for construction and repair.
  • Portable technology.
  • Goods for beauty and health.
  • Accessories.
  • Goods for cottages and gardens.
  • Computer technology.
  • Tele-, audio-, video equipment.

Each of the presented categories contains moreabout a dozen groups of goods on a variety of names in each of them. The assortment of offered goods is so great that everyone, even the most sophisticated buyer, will be able to find in the store in question something that meets all of his needs, desires and requirements.

bonus program

The store "Kotofoto" (Moscow) offers itscustomers a unique opportunity to make their purchases even more profitable. What is required for this? Take part in the bonus program of the store in question. How can I do that? First, you will need to register in the system using your page in one of the social networks. Further, the bonus program will offer you to perform certain actions in exchange for scores - "seals". Later, "seals" can be exchanged for discount promotional codes, through which you will receive a discount, indicating them in the process of making an order.

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Customers leave very different responses about the store"Cotophoto". Customers' reviews, according to tradition, are divided into positive and negative. The first note low prices (compared to any other shops-competitors), fast delivery, courtesy and friendliness of managers of the call center, as well as a wide range of Internet hypermarkets.

On the other hand, leave about "Kotophoto" reviews andnegative. They talk about the sale of defective products, as well as the fact that they were sent the former in operation of the equipment under the guise of a new one. How reliable such statements are, everyone must decide for themselves. Another reason for the dissatisfaction of buyers of goods store "Kotofoto" - the mode of work of the institution. For example, those who want to make a complaint about a defective or defective product should get to the office no later than seven in the evening. Not every working person will be able to meet such a framework. Also, some customers complain about the long delivery.


Although "Kotofoto" - an online store, realcommercial off-site it also has. Although they are few. The location of the central stores "Kotofoto" - St. Petersburg. The address of the main point of sales is the Moscow one. Also the outlets of such a plan are open in some other localities. In most other cities, you can only find items of delivery of goods. This, in general, is also not bad, after all, having ordered goods on the Internet, it is possible to pick it up in a short time directly from the issuance point "Kotofoto". The address of the nearest store or point of issue can be found on the official website. So you will save your own time.

In addition to shopping in the regions, it is possible to place an order on the company's official website. This is the way many consider the most preferable.

Also find out everything that interests you, you can by calling one of the phones listed on the official website of the online store.

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"Cotophoto" - an excellent online storeelectronics, which has already become a favorite for thousands of regular customers. They are attracted by fast delivery, low prices and high quality of service. Also you will be pleasantly surprised by the assortment of the store "Kotofoto". Tablets, smartphones, household appliances, household goods, children and animals - all this is only a small part of what you can find on this resource.

Thousands of people have been able to save money by shoppingin the Internet hypermarket in question. Do you still think you should join them? The information in this article will help you make the right decision. Make a choice, which you will not regret later.

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