Writing marketing texts or How to remove "customer resistance"

What does "selling text" mean? This is by no means an article screaming about the merits of goods that the advertiser wants to quickly implement. A frank attack on potential buyers, a flurry of excellent forms and questionable arguments "worked" at the dawn of the development of the advertising business, when unprepared people easily succumbed to such an impact.

Gradually, consumers of goods and services,which are increasingly saturated with the market, developed "immunity" to advertising, a kind of buying resistance: "The more I try to impose something, the less I want to buy it."

What are the basis for "live sales"?

People want to choose themselves and buy what they needlike. Or, at least, they should consider themselves making a decision in favor of certain brands and goods. Writing selling texts is just necessary in order to shift the focus from sales to purchases.

A person must realize that he needsa certain product, he must have the necessary emotions that can push him to action. From the author of the text it is required in this case to do everything that the consumer's choice of the described product was logically justified and seemed to be the most rational one.

Who should I trust to write effective texts?

Writing marketing texts is not just a processcreative, but also requires an analytical approach. Finding an artist on a regular Internet content exchange is very difficult. It is better for this purpose to contact the agencies or to seek the help of experts of authoritative resources working with authors specializing in writing materials on different topics. Service for writing marketing articles, for example, renders - a resource in the state of which more than 1000 authors are able to create unique texts for business promotion.

"Do I really need this? "Absolutely necessary!"

What can professional copywriting do? The selling text is created, proceeding from certain requirements, presented to it not only in content, but also in form. It is written based on a specific target audience. Its purpose is to remove all doubts that potential buyers may experience when acquiring the product that you are selling.

How to reach the consumer?

From the point of view of the form, the use of whichinvolves the writing of marketing texts, the materials must necessarily be such that they help to draw attention to information and arguments in defense of the goods and services sold. It can be both interesting formatting, and an unorthodox heading, and intriguing subtitles, the understatement of which makes reading further and even rereading the text several times.

The structure and content of the article is formed inin accordance with the task set, the disclosure of the advantages that the purchased product will provide to its owner. Effective (although already quite shabby) reception of "sprinkling with salt wound", when at first the problem that excites the consumer is brightly outlined, and then an ideal solution is offered.

Writing marketing texts is the formulationthe main commercial proposal in a form that should find a response in the minds and minds of the vast majority of the target audience. Correctly presented unique combination of conditions, prices and bonuses, should convince the buyer of the correctness of his choice and remove the last doubts. As a rule, a well-written proposal causes the reader approximately the following reaction: "It's unreasonable for me to refuse such a proposal, I need to buy it right now!"

To sell even faster

An indispensable part of the selling article is a call to action. It can be used not only in the conclusion of the material, but repeat in different variations several times in the body of the article.

P.S. The most important condition that allowsmaterial to work for sales - the impact on emotions. Effectively influenced by the reader's material - this is not just ordinary copywriting. The selling texts resemble the obstacle course that the reader passes through before clicking on the "Make an order" button at the finish without a shadow of a doubt.

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