Flood: what is it and who are flooders?

Today the Internet is full of strange and sometimesincomprehensible by the meaning of phrases and expressions: spam, flood, offtopic and much more. It's very simple to get confused in this chaos if you do not have an idea of ​​the most current concepts. The topic of this article is flood, what it is, what it happens and what is connected with it. After all, probably everyone has heard this word, but not everyone can explain what it means.

Flood - what is this?

flooding what is it
First, the meaning of this word on the Web isnegative character. In English, flood is a flood, a flood, or a stream of something. Of course, the Internet flood has nothing to do with natural disasters. And in a figurative sense, it really is a stream of words, unnecessary information that is deliberately inflicted on users in the places where they communicate.

Where can I find a flood

Where he is able to interfere with normalInternet chatting: chat rooms, forums, social networks, etc. In every popular forum you can find a flooder - a person who specifically floods and prevents other people from quietly discussing a hot topic.

What does the flood look like? What is it?

This, as a rule, is absolutely meaninglessmessages that the flooder publishes in a short period of time in a general topic. In this way, it disrupts the normal work of places specially created for communication.

telephone flood
Flood can contain huge volumes of textor very short messages. It can be a variety of sets of numbers, letters, words or sentences. In large messages this nonsense repeats several times in a row and takes up almost the entire page. Flood can also be various pictures of vague content. But the main thing is that it does not make any sense. This behavior is usually punished by ban (closing access to the forum or a specific topic). There is also a telephone flood. This is a kind of technical attack. A large number of requests are sent to the mobile device, as a result of which the phone loses its connection with the satellite.

What is the point? Why flood?

First, in order to foul, hurt, hurt and prevent people from communicating peacefully on the Web.

Secondly, flooding is a kind of helper for hackers. With DoS-attacks, this automatically generated traffic clogs the necessary Internet channels, which loads them and reduces the level of protection.

Thirdly, there is no point. Just nonsense, lies and gibberish.

Who is the flooder?

spam flood
So, now that you know almost everything about flooding(what it is and how it happens), it remains to figure out who is doing the flood. Well, for what it's done, it's understandable! In order to take users out of themselves, to prevent them from quiet communication. Who needs it? To people, offended at all and all, with an unbalanced psyche and a sick pride. Most likely, through the flood they assert themselves, they feel their importance.

As a rule, these are losers who do notThey need a huge car and a small carriage of complexes and who are afraid of everything and everyone and despise them. Such people are not able to pull themselves together and change the situation, so they take revenge on the rest, blaming them for their failures. And flooding is one of the ways of such peculiar revenge.

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