Visual bookmarks Yandex: from installation to customization of appearance

Install Yandex visual bookmarks alreadyonly because they greatly facilitate the navigation of the resources visited. The Opera has long had an Express panel, but it is not installed on other popular Internet browsers. Therefore, downloading this application is completely justified. The plugin can be installed on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

What are visual bookmarks?

Yandex visual bookmarks
Like the site? Make a bookmark from it and you can return to it after a week, a month, a year. Now every browser has such a function, because it's really convenient. However, bookmarks tend to accumulate and often their number reaches hundreds. Therefore, browser makers have created visual bookmarks that, unlike "thieves" of the workspace, bookmark panels, are small images of sites that you like.

Installing visual bookmarks for Yandex

visual bookmarks for yandex
Previously, this application was bundled withcumbersome bar. However, now for the most popular browsers it can be downloaded and installed without other unnecessary lotions. So, to begin with, download the installation file "Yandex visual bookmarks", then run. You will be offered to install a new Yandex browser, but you can not do this. Then, which is nice, you will have the opportunity to disable all additional and often unnecessary options (search by default, make a Yandex country home, send anonymous statistics). After completing all the necessary actions, the browser will restart and open a blank page with empty windows, where soon Yandex visual bookmarks will appear.

Working with the app

set Yandex visual bookmarks
As soon as you move the mouse cursor to the emptyrectangle, the "+" sign will appear on it. You can create a new tab by clicking on it. You can select the Yandex visual bookmarks from recently opened pages or simply by typing the necessary link and the name of the future bookmark into the required fields. When you hover your mouse over the created tabs, you will see the control panel with the four main buttons (delete the bookmark, change the settings or update the screenshot of the site). You can drag and drop the Yandex visual bookmarks to any desired place, which allows you to sort the sites in the desired sequence.

Bookmark settings

At the very bottom of the main page of your browserthere is a button "Settings". With it, you can change the appearance of the tabbed bookmarks. For example, you can change the number of rectangles, adjust the refresh rate of screenshots and add a background.

Yandex visual bookmarks for Mozilla Firefox

This version of the application allows not onlyadd favorite websites manually to bookmarks, but now she can insert the screenshots of the most visited Internet resources on the panel. If you are not satisfied with this state of affairs and you want the most necessary bookmarks to remain in place, then move the mouse cursor over the selected one and use the corresponding icon to fasten the bookmark in place. A button in the form of a gear is necessary to change the address of the site. Now you know all the subtleties of visual bookmarks, from setting them up to customizing the appearance. Good luck in your work!

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