How to spread stories in the "Instagram"? How to use Instagram Stories?

Virtually all smartphone owners enjoyapplication Instagram. To use it is easy and pleasant, you can see photos and videos, add comments and put likes. Not so long ago a new function appeared in this social network, it is called Instagram Stories, that is, "Histories" in "Instagram".

What it is?

The function is designed to exchange not very importantinformation about your life. Stories exist only 24 hours and do not fall into the main user tape. This function Instagram borrowed from Snapchat and not lost. With its help, it is really possible to publish photos and videos practically on-line. To do this, simply swipe the svayp from top to bottom or click the plus sign in the upper left corner. To add stories, you can swipe down and select photos taken within the last 24 hours. Instagram wants you to publish only relevant snapshots and videos for the purpose of generating content. As a result, you can attract more of your friends and subscribers of this social network.

how to post publications in an instagram

Little tricks about how to spread stories

First, you need to open the application in your smartphoneInstagram. In your profile, touch the button "Your story" and hold the screen from top to bottom. The last photos taken during the day will appear, which you can select. Secondly, after you have chosen them, they can be modified. For example, apply a filter, color fill, make an inscription, rotate it, place it anywhere on the screen, paint it with the desired color, put a geotag, hashtag, use a sticker to decorate the photo, and then publish it in real time. You can use the normal and reverse camera, you can hold the capture button while recording a video, or you can use the "Hands Free" function. When you are finished, you need to click the "Done" button. Voilà! - and in your news line there will be a new publication.

Tell us about yourself in "Stories"

Now that you know how to spread storiesin "Instagram", you can make a large number of different photos, ranks of videos, take down the story of the product, tell you what's new, publish short reviews of the product or service. It is important to note that all this content will be deleted in a day. It can be published without fear of clogging the subscriber's tape. However, if suddenly the news publication in "Stories" turned out to be very successful and you are sorry to lose it irrevocably in a day, you have the opportunity to save it. To do this, click on the three points at the bottom of the publication and select the desired action from the context menu. Also you can hide your stories from users selectively. Next, you will learn how to put the photo in the "Instagram" from the computer.

how to put a few photos in the history of instagram

Attractive features of "Storys"

Downloaded stories are at the very top of the tapeat subscribers in the chronological order, icons of these users are allocated by a color circle. To view, you just need to touch the avatar you are interested in. After viewing, the selection with color disappears. It is interesting that not everyone is ready for such an action, how to spread stories in the "Instagram". Many now hesitate to publish their own photos or videos without processing. Therefore, spreading your news in "Storys", you will always be in the top.

What is the use?

For business accounts, this is an opportunity to regularlyTo attract attention and this is a great advantage. Thanks to the new function there will be a wave of popular people who know how to live interesting in real time and who do not hesitate to show it. They will increase the number of loyal subscribers, with whom you can work through new publications. That is, business accounts will have new opportunities.

how to put a story in the instagram through a computer

Other advantages of "Stories"

This function has a huge number of pluses likefor ordinary users, and for commercial accounts. You can use "Storys" for profit. For example, to increase customer loyalty and confidence, you can show your office or production. If the author is engaged in sales and posted a video, how the goods come, how he sends it in real time, then he immediately receives new orders. And if you share a response from a client, then it opens up very great opportunities. This tool allows you to quickly type views and target audience, which can sell the product or service, as well as involve people in activities, trainings or courses. Now that you can lay out publications, you can take photos by adding the necessary inscriptions, or take a short information video with the call to ask questions in private messages. That is, such an opportunity, how to spread stories in the "Instagram", can be used as an advertisement. And what is especially nice - it will not cost the author a penny. It will simply be an additional news line, which is removed after 24 hours.

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Pleasant features of "Stories"

If you used to worry about what you needchoose the best photo, the best video, then write hashtags to them and upload them a maximum once a day, then respond to comments, although you do not need it, now you can take a ten-second video about your product and people can simply watch it without saving it . You can not comment on "Story", but you can write a private message to the author. Still Instagram Stories gives an opportunity to see who has scanned your newsline in order to effectively interact with this audience. You can also use the ability to select users from whom you do not want to receive private messages, that is, you can install a unique filter, which is also very convenient.

How to upload photos from your computer

Almost everyone knows how to add photos to"Instagram" from the mobile device. The application is convenient, it is easy and enjoyable to use. A huge number of people every minute upload photos and videos, others with pleasure they browse. But sometimes there is such a task as to put a photo in the "Instagram" from the computer. In this case, you can not do without installing special applications. To help the user will come applications Bluestacks and Gramblr, which can be downloaded from official sites.

how to put photos in instagram from the computer

What if there are a lot of photos

Active users are wondering howput a few photos in the "History" in the "Instagram"? It's quite easy to do this, especially for someone who has already learned a little with this convenient application. To start, of course, you need to go into the application itself. Once in your news feed, you need to touch the button with the plus sign located below. In the opened gallery it is necessary to press the button "Select several" (in the form of 2 squares superimposed on each other). The selected photos can be processed using filters individually or together, they will be in a single publication in the newsline. Well, now you know how to spread stories in the "Instagram". If you like to photograph and shoot video often, then, undoubtedly, appreciate this opportunity and will be happy to use it. Remember to limit the size of the video clip, it should not be longer than ten seconds.

how to spread stories in instagram

When you do not know how to put severalstories in the "Instagram", try to use the "carousel" by using the "Select multiple" button. This way you can upload up to 10 photos and videos.

how to put several stories in the instagram

Good news for PC enthusiasts

A large number of users have photos andvideos are stored on personal computers. Undoubtedly, downloading content from PC is very convenient. If you are interested in how to put the story in the "Instagram" through the computer, then you can do this by installing the application on the computer. In order to view your friends' stories, you need to install the Chrome IG Story, and you can keep up to date with the news feed if you can not go there from your phone. Of course, it looks different than on a mobile device. If the video of a friend consists of several parts, you will have to flip through his stories independently.

What gives you a new function

Now that you know how to spreadpublication in the "Instagram", the use of this application will help you maintain a constant connection with friends and subscribers, be aware of interesting people's news. You will stop being afraid of the camera and enjoy using the new function of "History". You will be able to track who is viewing your publications, and not just subscribed, but is not really interested in you. In addition, subscribers will be able to view the publications you downloaded at a convenient time, because in the tape they will always be on top. Of course, in order to make your content interesting for subscribers, you need to work hard. Now there is a lot of information about the progress in social networks, so it is not difficult to find hints. In general, "Storys" contributes to your rapprochement with the audience, allows you to show you really, without embellishment.

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