How to create memes: practical advice

Mem is a communication tool between everyone whoconnected to the Internet. It is an image, animation, voice message, which is superimposed on the picture in order to convey any information to the users of the Network. And often there is the question of how to create memes so that they not only could attract the right number of people, but also looked at the highest level.

Functions of memes

The main purpose of the meme is transmissioninformation message for an undefined circle of persons. It can be in the form of an already finished image, on which text and visual effects are superimposed. In general, you can create a meme with your picture quite simply. To do this, it is enough to find a suitable image and to overlay the corresponding text with the help of the graphic editor.

Memes can be used to form a pointview. For example, in social networks, a healthy lifestyle is actively promoted. To this end, images are added to the respective groups, ridiculing those who are used to rampant and excessive. Fashion for this form of communication came from Western Internet resources. In the US, memes have been used for a long time. In Russia it is an innovation that is developing at a rapid pace.

create meme with your picture

The main sphere of using memes

Most of all memes are represented in socialnetworks, on youth and gaming forums. With their help, users of the World Wide Web can influence this or that person, causing negative or positive emotions. In addition, such images act as a source of news: any information leaked to the Internet immediately becomes public by creating another meme.

In principle, how to create memes, anddistribute them - a personal matter of the user. However, this form of communication on the Internet has become very popular due to the fact that such images are easily reproduced and most accurately reveal the essence of the transmitted message (which takes several proposals in the news line).

What do I need to create a meme?

To become the author of a unique and uniqueimages, it is enough to have 3 things: the Internet, a personal computer, a graphic editor. As a software, the standard Power Point is suitable. First you need to find the right image. It's important to remember that the basis for a meme is not only a picture, but also a video file, a clip or music. In every thing you need to look for your own "grain". If one person is hooked, chances are that there will be other fans.

For example, to create a meme without registration, you canmost foreign websites ( It is there that users post their images, which later appear in social networks and on news / gaming forums. The selected image is edited: the color is added, the form, the texture and the appearance change. If you want it to be as original as possible, it's best to draw it by hand. Various online services can help: "Photoshop" or video converters.

how to create memes

How to popularize your meme?

After creating an image that reflectsa topical issue or some interesting idea, you need to see a large number of people. If you have your own blog or diary, it is advisable to arrange it on the main page or select it as your avatar (main photo). In personal messages and disputes among Internet users, it is best to spread it as often as possible. This will increase its recognition, and some people will copy it and distribute it with you.

It is also worth noting that, beforecreate memes, it is important to choose a memorable pseudonym. So the Network users will find your image among similar ones. If the theme of the picture, message, video or music will please other people, the meme will quickly gain popularity. And it will become your personal "chip" in the world of global communication.

create a meme without registration

Final advice

How to create memes, and distribute them inInternet - a very interesting thing. This method of information transfer is considered the most productive. If there are friends or friends supporting your endeavor, you can contact them for help. With joint efforts, the meme will gain great popularity in a relatively short time.

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