The most popular social networks in Russia and the world

most popular social networks

A social network is a term thatwith respect to the Internet means a site that allows a group of people to communicate comfortably with each other. Communication often means not just the exchange of messages, but the creation of thematic groups, the exchange of photos, acquaintances and, of course, games with partners. If everything is simplified very much, then the social network is an interface that helps people interact with each other.

The most popular social networks are usuallydiffer some zest. For example, the site "VKontakte" at one time became very popular due to the fact that it could quickly and without any viruses or "divorce for money" find almost any music. Of course, it's a little illegal, but ...

And in each case, the zest had its own. Appearing no more than 10 years ago, social networks have already won a huge army of fans around the world. Many people today do not even imagine a life without them. Let's take a closer look at the best social networks. The main criterion for the success of the social network will be its popularity.

The most popular social networks in the world

The first place is firmly held by Facebook, createdMark Zuckerberg. The idea of ​​the network, embodied by a couple of friends in the hostel, has now grown to a giant site with an audience of 1 billion users (as of October 4, 2012). Participants can communicate, share photos and videos, and join or create different thematic groups.

social networks of ukraine

The social network MySpace was created in the USA in 2003. The audience is over 120 million users. Prior to 2008, he headed the list of "most popular social network of the world", but it surpassed cunning Zuckerberg and his "mordoknigoy". Social opportunities are approximately equivalent to facebook.

The third place is Twitter. The first unique bird in our list. In contrast to the first two, it is focused on a narrower sphere of communication, namely, the conduct of microblogging. All user messages immediately appear on his page and can be delivered to other users.

All the above social networks are oriented to the Russian market, and therefore have a Russian interface. However, in Russia there are domestic developments of a very good level.

The most popular social networks in Russia

This list is headed by a social network"In contact with". Founded in 2006, it now has a daily audience of 43 million people. The site enjoys immense popularity in the CIS - winning even Facebook. Opportunities VC are similar in their functionality with the world's leading samples.

The second number is "Classmates". The popularity and functionality of this site in due time made him the character of an anecdote:

Job interview:

- Do you know the "Odnoklassniki" website?

- Of course!

"Then you do not fit us."

Initially, the network was conceived as a search toolschool friends or neighbors on a school desk, but over time, universality began to come to the fore. "Odnoklassniki" is the most visited site of our neighbors, as the social networks of Ukraine are undeveloped.

best social networks
In the honorary third place is kept sotsset "Mycircle "from Yandex. The emphasis in it is on business relations, therefore all functional here, first of all, is sharpened on search of vacancies, registration of business contacts. This positioning plays the role of a very good raisin - it brought to the TOP-3 site with such a narrow specialization.

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