All the details on how to search in "Google" in the picture

In addition to the usual search for textual informationIt may be necessary to find a number of similar pictures for writing an interesting article or for something else. The search for information is always time-consuming, especially when there is not enough time for the search itself. Imagine that you did not have a good camera at hand, and the quality of the photo turned out to be mildly not very, so for the future use of graphic information you need a photograph with a much better quality, or, perhaps, you suddenly needed to know the author of a work art. Today, a search is possible, which at the beginning of the century would seem beyond the limits of dreams. Only here to use a new search service can not everyone, so now we will try to answer the question about how to search in "Google" in the picture.

First, we'll learn the basics of search skills

how to search in Google in the picture
Naturally, as a sample forYou need an image that is on your computer. In addition, you can search the picture "Google" using the Internet address of the picture itself. To do this, you just need to select the function "Open picture in a new tab" in the properties, which instantly opens an image to you on a new page of your browser.

Search by picture in Google - nuances

Google's "Pictures" is popularamong other similar industry search engines. To start work with an online service, you need to click on the link "pictures" that is on the title page of the Google search engine itself. In the window that opens, you need to click on the camera icon to enter the address of the picture in the world wide web, and you can also download it from your device. If you use the Google Chrome browser, then the task of how to search Google in the picture is made easier by the fact that the image is dragged directly to the search line. Also in the search helps text information about the picture, which increases the probability of an exact search for the desired object. Let's consider one example, how to look in "Google" on pictures. First you need to open "Google Pictures" and click on the camera, which is on the right in the search box. After this action, a window will pop up in which you must specify a link to the picture and start the search, but if the picture you need is on your computer and you need to find similar ones, then download it from your device using the "Upload file" function. After all done, your page will be redirected to search results, where you should pay attention that there will be exactly the picture you need. For more accurate searches, use textual additional information.


search in Google

Search engine "Google. Pictures "is different from its main competitor, TinEye, as in" Google "are displayed among other images those that directly resemble the sample you downloaded, however the images found by the search engine will be exact copies of the sample you need. ", then you can find such images in the search engine.This useful function can be found on the left side of the browser when the search results are displayed.

Resume search

search by image in google

We will bring together all four search options that can answer the question: "How to search Google in a picture?"
1) Drag and drop the picture. Drag the image to the search box at
2) Upload the file. Using, click on the camera, and then click on the "Upload file" link. There you need to select the image you need to search.
3) Insert a link to the image. To find information about a picture, right-click and drag the URL in to a line called "Specify a link."
4) Click on the picture with the right mouse button. For a better search, use the Google Chrome browser, where you can search for a picture by right-clicking on it in the browser.

So we figured out how to look in "Google" in the picture.

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