IQ Option - divorce or not? Trading binary options: reviews, analysis

It's no secret that the country has begun a crisis in manyspheres. This is the cause of falling incomes of citizens, reducing jobs and creating an unfavorable situation in general. Someone takes it for granted, and some people are looking for ways to "get out", no matter what. Such people are increasingly turning their attention to the Internet as a source of possible income.

And what is currently advertised asis the source of earning in the network the best? Of course, trade! And it means not trading in material objects with extra charge, but online trading currencies and shares, that is, trading.

What is trading?

iq option divorce or not

Trading is called trading on the stock exchange (oftencurrency markets, Forex or options), which is a risky activity for the user. The whole point is to buy cheaper and sell more expensive - this is what the trader is doing. And the difference (margin), which he receives as profit in the end, is formed due to jumps in quotations of currencies and securities. Thus, the market is constantly changing, and the task of the trader is to predict what the future will be.

If a player makes a mistake, he loses his money, and vice versa - if one or another tool is purchased at the very beginning of the growth of its value, the trader is able to get a good profit.

One of the forms of trading in the foreign exchange market is binary options. About what they represent, we will tell further.

Binary options are

iq option strategy

So, you can trade in many ways. For example, it can be a simple job with one of the Forex-brokers, consisting in buying and selling any currency pair and, accordingly, earnings or loss of money depending on how much the course has changed.

Another example of trading is binary options. These are financial instruments that allow you to make profit on the quotations of quotes depending on their movement, despite the further difference.

Roughly speaking, with options you get a profitregardless of how the value of the shares or quotations of other instruments has changed. It is important that there was an increase or a drop in value. And you, being a trader, should predict this and choose whether you are betting on the cheaper or more expensive price of a currency pair, stocks, indices and other.

Introduction to the IQ Option

iq option input

If we talk about possible platforms to starttrading options, it is impossible not to mention the site IQ Option. Divorce or not - this is the main question that arises before users at the very beginning of their work with this service. The reason for this is a total distrust of people to the Internet sites, which promise good profits and a constant income, as well as a number of "sweet" offers that the service makes.

In particular, the broker's website contains information,which indicates that to work on the IQ Option strategy you need the most simple - to guess, will rise in price or become cheaper one or another instrument. The user needs to predict only the direction of the movement of quotations, without thinking about what this change will be. For an ordinary user this task seems simpler than the one that occurs in the case of Forex trading. In addition, a clear interface, easy to replenish the account, as well as the minimum amount to start at $ 10 - this is a number of factors that make starting work with this service attractive. That's why people are interested in what the IQ Option is - a divorce or not. In short, we can confidently state: no, IQ Option is not a divorce. There really is money paid for whether you are guessing the movement of quotations or not. True, working here is not as easy as it might seem. About this - later in the article.

history of the company

analyzer for iq option

In the meantime, consider a bit of the history of this brokeroptions. So, the company started its activity in 2013, but already in such a short time managed to gain considerable popularity. The founder of the platform was the offshore Cyprus company Alta Vista, and the SEO company to date (according to information from the official site) is Andreas Matsas.

Quite frankly, the IQ Option platform did notnothing so revolutionary that it could completely change the options market, reverse the idea of ​​trading or lead to something grand. No, in fact, the IQ Option was able to create simply an effective, understandable and convenient tool with which many people want to work. And, that is indicative, users on this site are not only residents of post-Soviet countries, but also immigrants from Europe and the United States. This means that people from all over the world want to trade on the IQ Option. Divorce or not - you can doubt for a long time, but scammers would not be able to create so much excitement around their product, as they would be quickly exposed by reviews.

How it works on the IQ Option

iq option withdrawal of money

So, back to the site itself. On the IQ Option, according to reviews of existing users, it's quite easy to work. You must create an account, replenish your account, select a tool and predict the movement (up or down). This is done by pressing one of the two buttons.

After the next change is made tomarket, it turns out that you were either right or wrong. In the first case, the trader makes a profit. As noted on the official portal, its size is equal to 92 percent of the transaction, although, according to users, very often the company reduces it for unknown reasons to 85%.

As for starting work, it is important to note thatevery user before you risk real money to understand the device system, can on the IQ Option demo account to create. This will allow you to study how the site operates, working with virtual money (simply speaking - "chips"), which it is not a pity to lose.

Trading Tools

Now let's talk about what can work withtrader, acting on the IQ Option platform. In general, it should be noted that these instruments for trading are called assets. In essence, this is the basis for creating options, which will be traded in the trader.

The service has the following types of assets: the value of currency pairs and their ratio, the cost of Bitcoin currency, the price of precious metals, the stock exchange indices and, of course, the value of the shares of companies.

iq option demo

The essence of trade is this: an option is created, which notes that the price of company N will increase, which means that the user will receive a profit of X percent. The trader actually buys this option and, in case of justification of this forecast, subsequently gets a profit. In a nasty situation, the user is left with nothing.

The fact that there are so many assets in the IQ Option is an explicita plus. A person can trade with what he is used to. Roughly speaking, it will be easier for him to trade currency pairs if he knows their trading signals. For IQ Option, the availability of different assets is a way to attract new traders specializing in them.

Methods of replenishment

Suppose you created an account, triedits forces on its demo version and decided to start trading for real money. Obviously, you need to choose one of the ways of replenishment and make a certain amount (not less than 10 dollars). What kind of currency can this be?

As noted on the company's website, the account can beOpen in dollars and Russian rubles, depending on which of the currencies the user is more comfortable with. As for the ways of replenishment, since this is a Russian platform, they accept both payments from Visa and Mastercard cards, and replenish Paypal and, of course, money in Webmoney, Qiwi and Yandex payment systems.

Roughly speaking, the Russian trader on this sitewill be most comfortable. At the same time, users from abroad can also start their activities. Then just make the IQ Option enter your personal account and select the asset that you would like to work with.

How to withdraw funds?

After successful trading and getting a certainprofits on your account, of course, there are additional funds, some of which each user seeks to withdraw. Therefore, it should be noted that the minimum amount for withdrawal (as well as for replenishment) is $ 10.

iq option platform

On the IQ Option, the withdrawal of money is provided, in fact,in the same ways as replenishment of the account. This is a card or payment systems (which is more convenient for you) operating in the territory of the CIS countries: Qiwi, Yandex, Webmoney. The logic here is simple: if a trader has entered money into the system in one currency, in the same way he will get his money back.

Working conditions

Regarding working conditions, each userI must understand several important rules. First, no multi-accounts. Do not create additional accounts on the IQ Option site! Login to the system is possible only with one account, so if you see work with two or more accounts - they will all be blocked. This rule is on the official website, it is written about in many reviews. In fact, such a ban acts to prevent manipulation of traders and possible "tricky" tactics. Therefore, those who create additional records, hoping to deceive the system, most often start shouting "IQ Option - divorce! Or not, kidalovo! "After they have received the ban. Sense in it is not present: if there are rules it is necessary to observe them.

Secondly, according to the working conditions, a trader canwork at the weekend, unlike other markets. This is achieved through a system of rates that go beyond the exchange. As noted on the official website, these contracts are concluded directly between the players, so their display on the stock market (which really stops for the weekend) does not happen.

Thirdly, an important condition that I would like tonote - this is an IQ Option withdrawal of funds. It is carried out within three working days. Therefore, worry that you have not been paid for a long time, it is not worth it - the company will process the payment, only a little later.

Trade Training

Before you get started and submitfabulous profits, we recommend a little learning. Demo account is good, it allows you to develop the basic skills required for trading, as well as understand the interface of the system, to study each button and signal. But it, as noted by seasoned users, is not enough.

Therefore, the site IQ Option has a whole section"Training", where they spread the main categories, concepts from the sphere of trading, and also offer working strategies with the help of which everyone can try to make profit in the options market.

If you do not want to study, you can act differently andfind the analyzer for the IQ Option. Such products allow to some degree "guess" the movement of the market, because they themselves analyze the probability of change and output them to the user in ready form. There are several of them, some of the analyzers are paid, others are offered for free. It is worth using them or not, solve each trader. However, assuming that the analyzer for the IQ Option really "discerns" the movement in the market - the question: "Why lay it out in public access, if the developer can earn millions on it independently?" Think about it. It is best, of course, to apply the strategies that the trader follows to the IQ Option, rather than relying on someone else's program or script.

IQ Option Support

Finally, a little bit about the support of traders. The company IQ Option has a good help service, which allows you to quickly respond to user requests. You can contact his representatives in two ways: by mail [email protected] and by phone in the Russian Federation 8 800 333 47 55. On issues that arise from some personal problems that the user has encountered, it is better to contact these contacts. If you have a question about working with the system, we recommend that you turn to the FAQ section.

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