Tips on how to promote the group "In Contact"

They say that if you do not have a business on the Internet,then soon it will not be at all. Many have taken a great interest in the promotion of their services and products in social networks, but it is difficult to do without special knowledge and skills.

how to untwist a group in contact

Today we will consider honest and dishonest methodspromotion, and you yourself decide how to promote the group "VKontakte" in your case. Let's say right away that we recommend using only "white" promotion methods, because they, as shown, are the most effective and safe.

How to untwist the group "VKontakte"?

Successful promotion of the group in the social network begins with its name. You need to find out which query is most popular with search engines, and call one of these keywords your group.

Learn the most popular keywords in theYandex (vordstat). Here in the search field you can enter the name of your group and see how often this query was typed by users. To get accurate statistics for your keyword, it should be written in quotes and with an exclamation point in the beginning, for example "! Name of the group ".

How to untwist the group "VKontakte" for money

Today many "experts" offer their ownservices by inviting people to your group for a lot of money. For 1000 rubles you are promised for a day to invite about 2-5 thousand people, but forget to mention the possible consequences.

The fact is that there are special programs,which add unsuspecting users "VKontakte" to your group. For such a "suspicious activity" accounts of these innocent users are frozen by the system.

unwind a group in a contact program
You can invite to the group yourself,buying one of the paid versions of such programs, if you do not mind the decent citizens whose pages are frozen due to your fault. In this case, in order for the group not to enter the ban, it will be necessary to check the list of its participants daily and remove people with blocked accounts.

How to promote the group "VKontakte": the program for sending invitations

There are not such aggressive programs. They only help you automatically invite a certain number of friends to your page, and then to a group. Their advantage is that you enter the desired criteria and press the button. After a few minutes, 50 people in friends or 40 friends in the group will be invited.

And so every day. The recruitment to the group will not be as fast as through more aggressive programs, but the community will be filled exactly by those who are interested in it.

One inconvenience is captcha! It will have to be entered several times during the dispatch of invitations or to buy "ankipchu" - a special code that allows you to send out applications without your participation.

How to untwist "VKontakte" group: secrets of network administrators

In fact, promotion in social networks is taught at special courses. The cost of such training fluctuates around 8,000 rubles, but it allows you to earn from 5 to 15,000 rubles a month.

The work of the system administrator is apogeeprofessionalism, and before their diligence we take off our hat. Thanks to the work of such specialists, "VKontakte" appeared really popular groups, without artificial wrapping of visitors and participants. In such communities everything is done at the highest level, and they bring profit to their creators.

The most popular groups "VKontakte" have such names:

  • "Girls".

  • "Cinema".

  • "Sarcasm".

  • "Love".

  • Recipes.

the most untwisted groups in contact
We advise starting the promotion of groups with thesetitles, and when the number of participants exceeds a few thousand, you can add another word to the title or write completely the one that you originally chose. Now your group will be on the first lines by the number of participants, despite the not very popular name!

Promotion of VKontakte communities is veryan exciting and profitable occupation, if you own the secrets of the skill of system administrators. Do not be stingy once to pay for knowledge, then all your life to be able to earn money without leaving home.

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