How to fund your PayPal account with Qiwi

Internet commerce is developing at a rapid pace, andmany modern Russian Internet businessmen try not only to cover domestic markets, but also to work with foreign clients. Of course, this requires the ability not only to use American payment systems, but also to transfer money from Russian systems to Western and vice versa. The most common and already long-established American electronic money system is PayPal, which is used to make purchases in foreign online stores, pay for various services, such as freelancers, hotters, domains, and so on, and earn earned money in various affiliate programs.

how to replenish your paypal account

In this article, we will step-by-step how to fill upPayPal account with the help of one of the largest Russian electronic currencies - Qiwi. You need to start by going to the sites of these payment systems and creating accounts there. Kslovu, Qiwi is one of the best Russian payment systems, which makes it possible to make purchases, pay bills and much more. In addition, it allows customers to use a virtual Visa card, which is needed to work with PayPal.

Before you add funds to PayPal, you need tobind to the account of this system a plastic card. Here, many may have problems, because not everyone wants to risk reporting their bank card to unknown people on the Internet. Despite the fact that PayPal is a reliable organization, already several years serving its customers, there is always a possibility that confidential data will fall into the hands of intruders.

how to replenish an account in paypal

Another argument in favor of usingThe virtual card is that when you bind a card to an account in PayPal, the system withdraws $ 1.95 from it, which, however, then returns. Therefore, those who are worried about the safety of their money on bank cards, before replenishing the PayPal account, you need to create a Visa Virtual card provided by the Qiwi payment system. To do this, you need to open the Qiwi-purse and replenish it in any convenient way. Sotit noted that among the possible methods of replenishing the account in Qiwi is the possibility of making money through a mobile phone, terminal or even from other electronic currencies using the exchange offices.

When before replenishing your PayPal account,the system will remove the necessary amount, you will need to go to Qiwi's personal office to check out the statement on the card. It will specify the code to be copied in the confirmation section of the PayPal account. After completing this procedure, you will be able to make transactions to the account of this system.

how to replenish an account on paypal

It is important that the card verification procedureis carried out within a few days, so it may take a long time before replenishing the PayPal account will be possible. Therefore, if you are planning to make any transaction on the Internet using this payment system, you should take into account the fact that from two to five days you will only need to activate the card.

Now you know how to replenish the account on PayPal through Qiwi and can safely make purchases on the foreign Internet.

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