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By creating your own website, everyone shouldthink about choosing a good hosting. This is the only way to guarantee a smooth, coordinated work of the resource and its high reliability. Therefore, it is not surprising that many are interested in cost of site hosting per year. It's worth knowing that the providers are installingdifferent quotations for soy projects. Before choosing the type of hosting and the company providing these services, it is important to determine the parameters of the online project itself. In this case, the value will be the target orientation and scale of the resource, the tools used in its creation, the planned volume. In general, the prices of providers for this type of service are in the range of 5-36 dollars.

The main varieties

The simplest option is hosting, which provides services for placing a web site on several pages (up to 2 MB). This will not use scripts or databases.

The most popular solution is virtualhosting. This is a fairly simple service that allows you to place several websites on the hard drive of one server at once. At the same time, a certain amount of memory is allocated for eachonline project. The software in this case is one for several sites. This option is the best solution for owners of several sites. The main advantage of this solution is its low cost. That is why it is in great demand. Among the main drawbacks are the failures in the site.

Many webmasters advise usingvirtual dedicated server. It implies that several resources are on a single physical server. At the same time, a separate virtual hosting is created for each separate site. In this case, the owners of the portal receive a separate ip-address and have full control over the configuration of the resource.

The most expensive solution is the dedicatedserver. In this case, only one site is located on one physical server. The performance of such a server is much higher than that of other hosting.

Right choice

Of great importance is not only the type of server, but also internet hosting center, whose services it wishes to useowner of the online project. Experienced webmasters recommend choosing only reliable companies that have time to prove themselves in the market. One of the most popular firms offering services of this kind is Reg.Ru. Using the services of this company, you can get full confidence in the perfectly coordinated work of your resource.

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