Is it possible to output bitcoins to the Savings Bank card?

After the course of the crypto currency became sharplygrow, many people who owned a certain number of bitcoins began to think about selling their tokens. In fact, now it is quite profitable in the short term, especially if a person managed to buy bitcoins at a rate of $ 1000. But how to get them out of the system and is it possible to output bitcoins to the Savings Bank card, for example?

output bitcoins to the Savings Bank card

In fact, there are several waysoutput bitcoins. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and before making a choice, you need to study each of them in detail. The conclusion of bitcoins on the Savings Bank card is possible. However, it does not happen in a straight line, and this should be discussed in more detail.


The easiest way to implement the output of bitcoinsto the card of the Savings Bank is to use the site-exchangers. The principle of their work is quite simple, you need to go to the site, choose which currency should be exchanged, and then choose a purse for withdrawal. No registration and input of additional data will be required, only the requisites are required for the transfer.

bitcoin exchange

However, it is worthwhile to understand that storing the bitcoins themselveson the card "Sberbank", of course, it is impossible. This contradicts the essence of crypto currency in principle. Such resources are an exchange bitcoin for rubles (Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, QIWI, etc.) or dollars, depending on what the client chooses. The currency is converted at the internal exchange rate, so it's not difficult to guess that this course is different on different sites.


Before making a transfer in the exchanger,It is necessary to analyze all popular sites and choose the most profitable course. To do this manually, of course, does not work, so it's best to use a special service. There are special sites that make up the rating of exchangers. On them you can find a resource where it will be really beneficial to make a conclusion of the bitcoins on the Savings Bank card right now. In addition, on these services are posted reviews about exchangers, which should also pay attention, especially if the rate is too tempting. In the crypto industry there is a very big chance to run into scammers, so trust only worthy sites.

Exchange crypto currency

Initially, the exchange of crypto-currencies was very nicheresources. They could only trade tokens and exchange them for other tokens. Then people still did not understand the whole essence of the crypto currency, there were not enough investors, accordingly, no one wanted to give real money for the crypto currency.

Now the situation has radically changed.In the crypto-currency industry, a large number of investors have appeared, now it is a multi-billion dollar business, largely thanks to the exchange of crypto-currencies. On modern exchanges, tokens can be exchanged for real money. If you create a bitcoin-purse on the exchange, there will be no problems with the withdrawal to the Sberbank card, as tokens can be easily sold for rubles or dollars.


Incidents with freezing of accounts happenoften, so before you create an account, you need to study the feedback on the exchange and analyze its stability. It is worth noting that to date there are 3 major exchanges of crypto-currencies, where you can exchange bitcoins without risk - Poloniex, Bittrex and Exmo. These are the most optimal exchanges for stability and security.

bitcoin wallet with a conclusion on the card of the Savings Bank

Personal Exchange

The most ideal way to commit bitcoinsIs to exchange with your acquaintance. If there are no people among those who want to join the crypto industry, they can be found on the Internet. This is not so difficult, as the demand for crypto currency is now very high and investors who want to invest in bitcoins are quite a lot.


exchanger bitcoin for rubles sberbank

To run into a fraudster in this situation,of course, it is possible, but, oddly enough, the probability of this is much less than in the methods described above. When making personal exchange, people meet in a public place and make translations in front of each other. This is a common practice, especially when it comes to large amounts. Big investors do not trust doubtful exchangers and exchanges, but they do not want to pay a commission, so most often they buy bitcoins directly. Naturally, there can be no talk of any transfers without a meeting. The risk is too great, unless the exchange occurs between well-known people.


Today bitcoins are few where applicable ineveryday life, so many owners prefer to turn them into a regular currency and just make a profit. Most financial analysts talk about the great prospects for crypto currency in general and bitcoins in particular. The course is very unstable and regularly experiences sharp jumps. Nevertheless, if we take the overall statistics, no one will be able to deny the obvious growth. In the future, crypto currencies will only continue to grow and develop, so selling bitcoin now, many people risk losing the opportunity to sell it ten times more expensive in a couple of years.

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