How to get votes in the "VC"?

So, today we'll figure out how to get a voice in the social network "VKontakte". And it's worth starting with what gives the "voice" to its owner. So let's figure out what's what.


Before you get a voice in the social network "VKontakte", we'll figure out why this trick is invented. This is an interesting object, giving many advantages to its owners.

In fact, voices are the so-called currencysocial network. You put money on your profile, in return receive a "voice", which you can then pay for all sorts of additional actions.

how to get a voice

If you think how to get the voice "VKontakte",then you should prepare to invest money. It is on these attachments that the whole site, as well as games and applications on it, are held. For votes you can give a special gift to a friend, buy an original set of emoticons or exchange them for currency in games. If you do not abuse, then this lesson can be considered quite useful. So let's find out how to get votes in our today's "social network".


Let's start, perhaps, with the most faithful and honestvariant of development of events. The fact is that "VKontakte" has the ability to replenish your account in the profile. This is the way you can get rid of the question: "How to get a voice?"

One "currency unit" costs about 14 rubles. Not a very large amount. So if you need 2-3 votes, then you can go to any payment terminal, choose "VKontakte", enter your page number (id) and put the necessary amount of money. After a while you will be able to use the voices.

how to get votes

However, the more you buy bonuses, the moreI want to. Sometimes, spending does not meet expectations. That's when users start thinking how to get votes without real investments. In fact, there is such an opportunity. And far from alone. Now we will get acquainted with all possible options.

Partnership programs

Do you think how to get votes in "VC" and do not replenish your account balance? Then for you there are special offers from the partners of the site.

Go to "My Settings" and select"Balance". Then click "Get Free" and then select "Special Offers". A new window will appear before you, in which possible tasks will be displayed, for which you will receive a certain amount of "currency".

If you think how to get votes in the "VC", thenyou can try this method. Here you can meet absolutely any task: from registering on the site, until making a purchase in the online store. A pretty popular idea is to play the app and achieve some success in it. A good method, but for large appetites it is not very good. Tasks have a property to end. Then you have to think again how to get a voice for the social network "VKontakte".


Now this kind of earnings in the WorldThe web has become quite popular, and every day more and more it is gaining momentum. It's about using special programs and applications that offer small tasks for voices.

how to get votes in VC

Do not confuse this method with the affiliateprogram. The method that we are considering now is a prototype of the deception of the system. You are offered to register in the application (site, program), and then forget about the question of how to get the voice "VKontakte".

For this currency you will perform simpleinstructions. Something from the series: put like, leave a comment, add a post to your page, bring a person to friends and so on. Nothing complicated. And the time for such lessons is not so much. The main thing is to choose a good and reliable service.


And here's another interesting one, but, toUnfortunately, dishonest development of events. The fact is that quite often the question: "How can I get votes?", Users stumble upon the answer: "Hack the system and wind it yourself." So, some try to outwit the social network and trick the "currency" in question.

how to get votes without programs

Now the World Wide Web can be foundset of the various programs offering to crack "VKontakte" and to wind up to you voices. Some of them really work. True, there are very few of these. If you are lucky, you can actually get a certain number of votes. True, you should not get involved: a deception will be discovered, and you are banned. Most likely, without the ability to restore the page. Do you want it?

Most users are faced with the mosta real fraud. Thinking about how to get the VKontakte voice, they forget about the security of their own data. So, the program can request your login and password. After their introduction, you can be sure: stay with the hacked profile. More precisely - without it. It will be very difficult to return the page to yourself. Thus, hacking is best avoided.


Do you think how to get votes without programs andinvestments? Then you can quite take advantage of a rather interesting move - to participate in various contests and polls "VKontakte." They are very often voices.

As a rule, the conditions are suitable for everyone. For example, lay out a photo of your holiday at sea, with children and so on. Or take part in the contest of the best "photos" with the image of the partner company. After a while, you get the result and your prize. Unfortunately, usually only the first three places are awarded.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in honest methods of earning votes without investment, then you should try. Yes, this is not the fastest way. And not the most faithful. But he's honest.

how can you get votes

In addition, in the social network sometimes somegroups hold raffles of votes for participation in the survey. Something like: "Whose answer will pick up more likes, they will get interesting prizes." True, such competitions are not particularly fair and honest. It is better to participate in photo contests.

As you can see, the ways of getting votes in the socialnetwork "VKontakte" very much. You can choose the option that seems more attractive to you, and then start acting. It's best to refrain from hacking and cheating. Then you will not lose access to your page.

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